⊙ reporter Zhao Yihui ○ edit the Sun put China Railway Construction today on high-speed rail project in Mexico "suspended indefinitely" claim on matters related to the tender for the project to make a formal announcement, indicating no significant impact on overseas operations, adding that the positive aspects of negotiations with Mexico。  According to the latest progress, the Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico correspondent conference held at noon local time on January 30 (Beijing time 31 morning) announced, and subsequently announced on its official website: sharp decline in international crude oil prices background next, to improve the budget situation, public expenditure will be mid-2015 included expenses of oil, electricity, transportation, etc. amounted to 124.3 billion pesos adjustment。Among them, the tender Mexico City to Queretaro high-speed rail project will be suspended indefinitely。  Affected by this, January 30, February 2, China Railway Construction shares fell sharply for two consecutive days, respectively, the corresponding decline of 6.42% 9.91%。  Today's announcement, China Railway Construction Board confirms that, in addition to the news, the company shall not disclose information not yet disclosed。Such projects the company intends to bid very much, and the project is on hold tender isolated individual event, no matter big impact on the company's overseas business activities。Claims on the issue of the project, the company is still in negotiations with Mexico, will make an announcement if significant progress。  Previously, in early November last year, the Mexican Communications and Transport has announced that China Railway Construction and China South Locomotive and four local companies winning Mexico in Mexico City to Queretaro high-speed rail project。The announcement of the China Railway Construction last November 5, which is a total length of 210 km high-speed railway segment, the total contract amount of about 270.1.6 billion, in winning consortium, China Railway Construction share accounting for about 178.5.3 billion yuan。  Subsequently, in November 10, China Railway Construction announcement confirmed that the Mexican Ministry of Communications and canceled the previous consortium of the two companies and four local companies bid Mexico's high-speed rail project, and decided to reopen the bidding process。In this regard, China Railway Construction said at the time, will continue to liaise with the owner。