Data Figure: Library Wu Junjie photo BEIJING Beijing December 15 (Reporter Shangguan Zhang Xi) 14, the fourth quarter of 2017, the Ministry of Culture in a routine press conference held in Beijing on the "Library People's Republic of China law "(hereinafter referred to as" public libraries Act ") introduced the background and introduces the main contents of interpretation。 It is reported that the law is the first legal public special field of culture at the national level, public library services, construction and other initiatives involving the causing concern, will take effect on January 1, 2018。 Improve people's sense of cultural obtain free public library four categories Services Research "Public Libraries Act" to develop from the beginning of 2008 officially launched。 In April, the draft law for consideration by the State Council executive meeting, and the NPC Standing Committee。
After the second trial, the law on November 4 this year by the second session of the NPC Standing Committee voted through thirtieth meeting, formally promulgated。 According to Deputy Minister of Culture and deputy party secretary, Yang today, the "Public Libraries Act" is legal and cultural aspects of the introduction of the first after nineteen large, but also public and cultural fields, following after a "public cultural services Security Act" important legal。
Data Figure: Library study room packed。 Wu Junjie photo reporter combing found that many provinces had earlier unveiled the "management approach" relevant Public Library (or "Regulations"), make provision for the public library service to be provided, but relatively fragmented。 The "Public Libraries Act" to make a public library building, operation, service, management and security, and other specific provisions, especially in the free services, referred to the four categories: namely, literature information inquiry, loan; reading room , study room and other public venues open space facilities; public welfare lectures, reading promotion, training, exhibitions; other free services prescribed by the State。
And at the level of supervision, "Public Libraries Act" stipulates that public libraries should improve conditions of service, improve service levels, a regular bulletin service development situation, to hear from readers, establish complaint channels, improve feedback mechanisms to receive public supervision。
The public can participate in more intimate service assessment as to how to carry out the public library service, how to improve the level of service and other issues, "Public Libraries Act," also gives a clearly defined, and gives the assessment measures。 Data for: serious candidates in the pro forma self-study room。
Wu Junjie taken for example, many readers have encountered before the library on weekends, holidays do not open case。 "Public Libraries Act," pointed out: the public library should be open on public holidays, there should be national holidays opening hours。
And should the services, opening hours, borrowing rules of the museum and other social announcement through its website or otherwise; closed for any reason, or to change the opening hours, except in case of force majeure, should advance notice。
For children, the elderly and the disabled, "Public Libraries Act," also in terms of reading area has been set, first public library established by the Government should set up children's reading area, and is equipped with the appropriate professionals conduct for juvenile children reading instruction and social education, and support for school-related extracurricular activities carried out, areas where conditions permit may establish a separate children's library; and second, should consider the characteristics of groups of elderly, the disabled, and actively create conditions and provide Document information suited to their needs, barrier-free facilities and services。 And it should be based on their own conditions, to develop research on issues laws, regulations, policies and carry out national authorities to provide information and documents related consultancy services。
Data Figure: Fuzhou Library (Devant Library) corner。 How Zhangbin it should regulate these services?"Public Libraries Act" requirements, the competent departments at all levels should develop public library service standards, service quality and level of assessment of public libraries。 Assessment should involve public participation。 Examination results should be announced to the public, and as a basis for subsidies or incentives for public libraries。 Readers safeguards to prevent disclosure of information to improve the quality of staff behavior in general need to apply for borrowing books from the library cards, so we have to first register their personal information。 So, how to protect personal information the reader is not leaked yet?"Public Libraries Act" to make the relevant provisions。 "Public Libraries Act" clearly states that the public library should properly protect the personal information of the reader, loan information and other information that may relate to the reader privacy, shall not be sold or otherwise illegally provided to others。
If public libraries and their staff allegedly sold or otherwise illegally providing personal information to others readers, loan information and other information, by the administrative department of culture may involve the reader privacy shall be confiscated illegal gains。
Data for: Tianjin Binhai library China news agency reporters Tong Yu and She Lingwai for qualification and level of staff of public libraries, "Public Libraries Act," also mentioned that the public library staff should have the appropriate knowledge and skills , including professional and technical personnel can assess professional titles in accordance with relevant state regulations。 Public Librarian established by the Government shall have the appropriate level of education, expertise and organizational management capabilities。
Encourage the community to donate all walks of life participate in the construction of public libraries for building public libraries, "Public Libraries Act," also gives the relevant provisions。 Such as encouraging citizens, legal persons and other organizations to donate to public law libraries, and give tax breaks the law; foreign natural persons, legal persons and other organizations in accordance with relevant laws and administrative regulations, participate in the construction of public libraries territory through donations, etc.。 Data for: Tianjin Binhai library China news agency reporters Tong Yu and She Tongshi, in order to optimize the allocation of promoting social forces to participate in the construction of public libraries, "Public Libraries Act" stipulates that public libraries can be the donor's name, name of the named Documentation and Information special Collection or special events; public libraries of citizens, legal persons and other organizations set up to be donors by name, named after the public library, public library premises or other facilities。 Of course, the donor's name, name names should comply with relevant laws and administrative regulations, in line with national interests and public interests, following the public order and morals。 In addition, for the self-construction of public libraries, "Public Libraries Act" gives a clear statement: the public library by purchasing, receiving donations, legitimate way to deposit or collect information literature。
Data Figure: Hangzhou Library study room filled with people。
China news agency reporters Wang Yuan and She Zhuanjia point of view: the development of public libraries have strong safeguards in the National Library of Han Yong into view, the "Public Libraries Act" reflects the rule of law in the field of library of new achievements, "it makes public libraries, especially the development of the national Library had a strong safeguards。
I, as a national library person, feel particularly elated, it is looking forward to for many years, but also a great responsibility, full of glory. "。 Ministry of Culture Public Culture Secretary Zhang mentioned new, emphasizing the importance of the law and the direction of public libraries; adhere to government-led, community involvement; improve the effectiveness of the public library as a direction; through innovative institutional mechanisms to continue to inspire the public internal vigor and impetus to the development of the library reflects the reform and innovation in four areas。
Peking University professor Li Guoxin Public Culture Ministry of Culture (Peking) bases director believes that "Public Libraries Act" to define the future direction of development of the public library, the basic objectives and key tasks, strengthen the government guarantees and government responsibility, facilities, services running, social and other aspects are clearly defined。
Editor: Fei Fan。