Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan leader election promise, through alternative sources of energy, improve power generation efficiency, energy conservation, industrial restructuring and electrical industry liberalization for Taiwan in 2025, having to rely on nuclear power, reached a "nuclear-free homeland" target。
Under this overall objective, we will strive to improve the thermal power plant to increase power generation efficiency and reduce carbon emissions; as for new power plants and gas power plants places priority。 Tsai Ing-wen and repeatedly vowed to ensure that no shortage will not price hikes。   DPP beginning to accelerate nuclear waste, six Taiwan's three nuclear power plant units, only three plants nuclear One machine, a nuclear plant II machine operation; a nuclear plant and nuclear One Plant a machine, two machine , Third nuclear plant II machines to suspend operation。
But the growing power shortage crisis, renewable energy development and as expected, Taipower had to resort to nuclear power abacus。
Despite strong protests from anti-nuclear groups, Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" recently re-run Taipower still accelerated by the ad hoc review of the report, as long as the "original can be" approved in May the year before the shutdown of nuclear Plant II machine, the fastest end of March can operate in parallel。
  According to Taipower say, nuclear Plant II sub machine to complete the program, we will increase kilowatts, about 3% of the operating reserve, in addition to addressing the crisis in April this year and the fourth quarter of tight supply than estimated this year after eight months to reduce the nuclear energy alternative to oil, gas and power generation degree, can save fuel cost ten billion Taiwan dollars, and help to reduce the tariff adjustment pressure。
  A restart nuclear units have such a big effect, if the other three crew also pause restart, and then with a nuclear power plant completed and opened, then Taiwan will neither lack of electricity, electricity prices do not adjust, proving that the DPP energy policy completely wrong。 Ironically, when the opposition Democratic Progressive Party efforts to thwart nuclear power, the wrong information to mislead the public, and now forced to start Nuclear Plant II machine, and blatantly "space-time environment is not the same."。   Event Shen'ao power plant, so too。
Because of much controversy, the DPP avoid Redo "EIA" and to "differences in environmental impact analysis" higher ground, forced to make deep Australian coal plant expansion plans checkpoints, the Taiwan authorities, "the EPA" threatened "new the planned power plant pollution fewer cases than in the past, "Lai Qingde even claimed that 'Shen'ao thermal power plants using clean coal, the device is' ultra-supercritical 'units, pollution and gas emissions almost'。   According to scholars, the power generation efficiency of the "ultra-supercritical" units, indeed higher than the traditional "sub-critical" fire units, air pollution prevention and control and higher efficiency。
But the pollution per unit of electricity, Linko NOx emissions is fired units times the unit installation Tam gas denitration apparatus, the sulfur dioxide is 138 times, 48 times pellets。
Estimates after the operation, power plant emissions Shen'ao at least 1438 tonnes per year of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides 1034 tonnes, 268 tonnes of suspended particles, will increase by about 30% in the northern region。
  Global power plants are to promote the "No Coal", the countries and regions have laid "minus coal" action goals, and even "no coal" only Taiwan to make up for non-nuclear and renewable energy supply can not keep up with the drop-fired power plant, this departure from the practice of both international trends, but at the expense of the public health costs。