Chinese Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Ambassador Zhang Xiangchen 22, told Reuters that China is ready to make a variety of tariff plans to respond to the United States, and to stand against protectionist, but still want a dialogue。   "My colleagues in Beijing are already preparing for and responding to these options。
We still cherish the multilateral trading system, although the air has been filled with the breath of trade war。 "Said Zhang Xiangchen。   Zhang Xiangchen said China is considering to appeal to the WTO on US President Trump announced Thursday tariff plan。
But he would not rule out other options, because if the flood approaching, you must be against the embankment。   Trump 22nd US president signed a memorandum, according to the "301 investigation" results might be up to $ 60 billion of Chinese imports tariffs and restrictions on Chinese companies to the US M & A。
  Zhang Xiangchen said the United States in mid-1974 according to Section 301 trade law and the introduction of tariff measures will be untenable, because in a previous ruling, the US government promised to take such measures only in the case of obtaining WTO authorization。   "America's commitment is still。
But today they seem to turn a blind eye。 This problem may be to get back in front of WTO, again face questioning。 "Said Zhang Xiangchen。