Lily Lily is a white food, and lungs will fit to eat white food, so, for Lily is concerned, but also for the lungs。 The best way of eating is still fried, do not add too much sauce, light taste can。
Especially for white grapes is very good in terms of lung effects。 Can be labeled as grape juice, grape can be eaten directly, but the best results after the soup can be peeled and cooperation, better。
We all know that white radish, radishes can be vented, eat white radish to our bodies have many benefits, can lungs, have a good patency results。
Apple thirst, Chufan lungs, spleen and stomach, intestines diarrhea and other effects, but also to prevent and reduce fatigue。 Eat apples can improve the respiratory system and lung function, relieve discomfort caused due to dry weather。
Citrus Citrus animate Tianjin cough, lungs only sputum, sober diuretic effect, apply to the frail, lack of fever after body fluid thirsty, hurt wine polydipsia embolism, juice or honey fried, the treatment Hyperactivity is a plus。
Men lung poor performance Oranges Oranges are rich in B1, the vitamin is essential to maintaining a healthy nervous system。
In addition, eating oranges can also effectively increase the amount of saliva secretion, promote digestion, relieve cough, lung health protection。
Experts suggest the best to eat 1-2 oranges a day。
Lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin?And other nutrients, in addition, also rich in organic acids, citric acid and highly alkaline。
Highly alkaline lemon cough and phlegm, fluid and spleen, lungs effectively help detox。