March 20 power past 2017 years and are "sharing" of the year, first cycling World War II, after "Vivian workplace secret weapon" to let millions of women know "Sharing Closet"。 The recent Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and Executive Vice President Cai Chongxin by blue pool of capital invested $ 20 million to the US clothing rental platform RenttheRunway, the public again toward shared goals wardrobe。
  But the more it is shared wardrobe doubts about "trust" at the same time closely watched。
As a leader in clothing twenty-three shared wardrobe in addition to the layout of the global team of buyers, while also continue cultivating professional care, from front to back supplies to get through the whole process of care services。
Recently, the South China famous clothing twenty-three care brand announced a strategic partnership laundry every day, providing personal care services in southern China clothes from the other side。   Work together every day, to lead the fashion new lease of care standard clothing twenty-three has been committed to provide deep-level disinfection of care services, truly professional wash wear at ease。 In addition to the whole process on the basis of self-built factory on the intelligence, but also continue with the domestic laundry industry leading enterprises to seek cooperation。
With clothes twenty-three after Shanghai warehouse Open, Guangzhou warehouse establishment has become more urgent, this time as a leading enterprise in southern China every day laundry care can be said to be the best choice。   Laundry every day has the world's first digital intelligent Laundry central plant building area of over 40,000 square meters, the total amount of washing equipment more than 300, can handle 100,000 daily clothing, is currently the country with the largest washing laundry washing equipment business。   In addition to the powerful hardware conditions, every day laundry and also has extensive professional experience in care。 Not only lead in building the country's first national pilot service industry standardization laundry detergent industry, but also actively participate in dyed led the establishment of the National Standardization Committee and national and local dyeing industry standards and revision, to create the industry benchmark laundry service。   16 steps to create a customized care service intelligent dual-times the cooperation, the two sides work together to develop a standard care before and after the procedure 16。
From the 14 kinds of custom personal care, disinfection of deep class 5 and then 11 classified ironing, cleaning really solve the user's back-end concerns, allowing users to enjoy hassle-free automatic intelligent fashion for every possible care facility laundry "custom amount of clothing" exclusive care programs, depending on the material of laundry, color, stain, automatically select and match different washing devices, detergent, washing and ironing process fixes。
  After the entire process is the need for dry-cleaning solvent sterilization, disinfection liquid bleach, high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection Category 5 deep disinfection, sterilization effect than%, than can be said to wash your own clothes cleaner。
  At the same time comply with strict environmental requirements twenty-three clothing, are washed with water through several physical / chemical / filtration / permeation process, and can reach more than three national emission standards。 Even through layers of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, washed with water and also can achieve a standard drink。