Dull pain in my chest, tears can not help but slide cheek, the flow of the mouth, salty, Sese tears, to pass up。Why do I shed tears, just because a man, his sorrows and joys dirge, his every move, word spoken about my whole emotional world。I want to break free of the shackles of emotional and rational to pursue their own sky, but I still made vulnerable vulnerable in the face of love。Has been adamant that no one can do without, but that people who love each other broke into my life in the world, my everything seems to have lost its original control。His life is not like losing a gorgeous variety of colors, not his voice in the world also seems to stand still, not his figure appears to have been rejected by the entire human race。Yes, have to admit that men and women love a long time, lovestruck woman becomes a servant feelings, not their own。Finally no longer laugh at those who love men and women die for love, and finally slowly come to realize in life and death, left not abandon the true meaning。    Noble and great love, magic and glamor, excitement and passion and longing aroused the pursuit of countless men and women。However, along with the beauty and purity comes, there is sin and fear。Everyone has a longing for death, enduring love, but, in the materialistic, he argued that the interests of society tide, many people compromise on the tortuous road of love, trying to find a shortcut。Face pack, fame, beauty many people become a slave to desire。Desire difficult to fill the gully growing desire when completely lost his mind, the simple life has become a luxury, the truth is the world's persecuted nowhere to hide, not to change the name。    Just to see a movie, a penniless young guy pretended to be wealthy son of the brother of Thailand, with a young and beautiful, the wealthy daughter of love full house of gold and silver, they soon fell in love, love, joy and strange let Princess believe he finally got to find true love, the man fell in love with the beautiful as daughter。Princess careful planning how they can do things their parents or recognition, only still dealing with the。When love flowers blooming quietly in the belly, quietly disaster also befell。Originally, the beautiful young daughter is not the richest daughter, she is a high price to support the facade of the elderly rich and nurturing of young woman。When this ludicrous facts before the two young men, people can not smile。The face of love and money, the lovestruck woman thought was full of love to give up material。But then I thought, has long been accustomed to live in luxury, take cars, wear designer once she lost the love of life that is worrying how terrible it is!She would rather lose the joy of the young, can not lose these external gorgeous, these substances can satisfy her vanity。    Although the life around us is not like the movie is so magical bizarre, but there is a refraction of film art aspects of life。In the interpretation of art, is inseparable from the life of reference。As famously said, then the United States can not escape from the art of living。    Very easy to produce the spark of love in a romantic fantasy and the pursuit of men and women who, as a look back, a smile, a chance encounter with a storm crossing, an unexpected reunion, could become a prelude to the advent of love。It was hard to find love, but can not hear the footsteps of a long love; it was unintentional positive outcomes, love, meet by chance; it was once in love with a person, till the end; some people hate the old, bohemian。In the time between the fingers, two strangers can meet people at the right time, neither earlier nor later step, met when they need to love each other, knowing each other, love each other as husband and wife, you can call destined to have taken the people。Each piece has not met a perfect ending, not every person you love will fall in love with you, not everyone who loves you you will be willing to love。A big crowd, you got to find me, I found you, each other can become each other's unique man, what a not easy, whether it should use heartbeat to cherish, with the heart to care, with tolerance to maintain。    Not every love has a perfect ending, external factors we can not change, only to change ourselves。A person's life can be arbitrary, they love life needs to change。It is said to force himself, sacrifice his love is not love, but if two people go their own way, how can finally come together, the flower of love is sincere to two hot heart intention to co-culture, watering, care, in order to open the most beautiful flower。If there is one person absent-minded, half-hearted, like flowers lose nutrients, gradually wither, demise。    Really love a person, do not try to change him, because when he really is not the original change to him, you will be surprised to find themselves no longer love him as before。If love, please maximize his all-inclusive bar!He's good and bad, right and wrong, not must all care about, standing on his position, you will learn to pick him, understand him, his tolerance。    We can not stop the coming of the night, just as we can not avoid the storm, like love, rather complaining, it is better to maintain a calm water of the heart, let it go and get the calm, lost the calm, everything has a cause and effect of the fate of doom, insist not, you have to do is be yourself, pawn fate will virtually guide you forward。