BEIJING, July 6, according to Japanese media reports, around Japan's domestic economic situation, the Bank of Japan (the central bank [microblogging]) President Haruhiko Kuroda 6th of this month in Tokyo, said the country's "economy is continuing to recover steadily."。He believes that since this spring, the results reflect a raise from collective bargaining to wages summer, consumption will increase。For the economic outlook, he said, "we will continue to recover slowly."。  According to reports, the Greek referendum against the EU for financial reconstruction programs were mostly concerned, Kuroda stressed that "will continue to work closely with relevant agencies at home and abroad, focused on the financial market trends。"Kuroda also on large-scale monetary easing policy to maintain a consistent viewpoint, 'is playing the desired effect'。  Japanese media pointed out that due to the excise tax increase and the downturn in personal consumption rose gradually under the influence of income and improvement in crude oil prices fell, the Bank of Japan will, according to the economic status of the inventory report of each branch president。  By the recent economic slowdown affecting emerging markets, Japan domestic production and exports lose momentum, the central bank will also discuss the impact of economic weakness overseas business activities of the region。  It is reported that 6 pm local time, the Bank of Japan will announce Sea region economic report reflect the current economic assessment of the nine regions of the country (also known as Sakura report)。