"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Korean fans 'captured the Blue House' petition: Fast search IKEA!Declared war on Sweden !) Afford to lose。Since the World Cup opener 0-1 loss to Sweden, it caused great discontent in Korea。According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reports, South Korean presidential (Blue House) official Internet message board has been national petition scraper Korean fans after the game。South Korea 0-1 Sweden According to reports, South Korean presidential official website of the national petition message board, the South Korean government has just set up last year, the aim is for the government to answer questions submitted by the national。However, in South Korea lost to Sweden 0-1 game after the game, the national petition message board evolved into Korean fans gathered to vent their discontent。In less than two days time, Tucao Sweden and when the referee's message has exceeded 1000。"I want to declare war on Sweden," and so more radical rumors scraper。Video capture at the same time, Korean fans anger also bring disaster to the world-renowned Swedish furniture maker IKEA, last year, South Korea IKEA just opened a branch of the world's largest。"I asked for IKEA conducting tax inspection, on suspicion of tax evasion and illegal fund-raising。"Someone wrote。"It appears that IKEA used in Korea to earn money to build a stadium giant bed type。"A South Korean fans in such a way ironic Swedish players in the final stages of the game again and again 'lying grass'。In addition, the "Undo IKEA store business license", "Let the Samsung acquisition of IKEA" and other words and so forth。The referee of the match is also the Korean fans in the track network, the referee called the game Cristobal Aguilar, from El Salvador, is a world-class referee, under Aguilar reminded the video referee, Sweden awarded a penalty。Korean fans look for Aguilar's home page on the world of social media, but fortunately Aguilar did not play social media habits, so Korean fans began to leave a message in some public platform。"In any case, should be sentenced to death Aguilar。"" Should check out Aguilar account whether received remittances from Sweden。"Such radical message are all over the pages。Another fan said: "Effective shot 0 times more like it?Please judge (South Korea) forward of the death penalty!"Cheong Wa Dae this regard, said that any particular problem does not exist, and the person in charge of the national petition message boards in an interview to be a response:" Cheong Wa Dae message board really should not be a fan of entertainment, which may be with entertainment unrealistic nature of the proposal, but citizens also need to give vent to their anger sites。"