US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net Financial News March 13 news, as he's nicknamed "Dr. Doom" implies, wheat Ka Wah (马克法贝尔) has long been bearish on the US stock market, although the Wall Street bull market has lasted 6 years。But now he's changed his tune, saying the US blue chips might be a very good place for investment。  Faber said on Thursday: "I am an investor, my job is to invest。I would choose to invest in European government bond yields negative it?Although not much to lose money, but I definitely know that this investment will inevitably lose money。Or that I want to buy some blue chips?If you choose the investment period of 10 years, I want to invest in blue chips will make more money。"But Faber further pointed out that the US stock market now may not be the best entry opportunity, because the US stock market is more 'expensive', compared to European markets 'valuation is reasonable'。He is the most promising emerging markets。  "I think the next 10 years investing in emerging market equities investment than stocks can make more money," said Faber case。  However, Faber said that if from a security perspective, the US blue chips is the best choice。  He said: "Recently at a dinner party I was asked 'When disaster comes where you would hide?"I think I'll hide in blue chips, compared to holders of government bonds, blue chips held by the loss will be smaller。"Then he's a logical extension based on short, he concluded that serious crash comes, the high valuation of fixed income will be greater than the blue chips fell space。  In other words, after years of bearish market, he does not seem to completely turn。  Faber said with a smile: "Actually, I tell you, I am more bearish than before!"(Shofu compilation)