Trend conjecture: Tomorrow index has time to realize node probability: 70% specific reasons: today's drama is finished lower two cities, not very good, especially the changing face of the GEM some unpleasant。 Overall performance of the insurance sector today is less than expected, also failed to bring peace from the market。
Technically, the index is now entering the departure from the area, tomorrow is also a Thursday and variable nodes, is critical, rose to resolve departure from the risk adjustment represents the approaching fall。
  Operating strategy: Review of last week's trend, we can note that, after leading the weekly round of the GEM, the market for most of the week in alternating hot period, the overall focus is not clear enough, until the overall adjustment come to an end after record Blue Chip was re Zaishangtaijie。
In this process of repeated shocks see-saw, the relative increase is still superior to create these innovative blue chip varieties, before the overall pattern is not weakening, holding still the main strategy, the window of time to make a decision tomorrow。
  Guess funds: hedge funds are the main requirements to achieve probability: 70% specific reasons: the US imperialists to raise interest rates will fall tonight, hedge funds have the demand, so today finished lower trend late in diving can be said to be expected。 At the same time hedge funds also fell to lighten up the external market。
Rate hike is in the affirmative, fear is now more heavenly will follow behind to raise interest rates, this is a big probability that this is a negative for the stock market。   Operation strategy: the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates just a fly just in front of us, no great harm, but annoying, and follow-up A-share market is bound to take the shock rise, do not expect the emergence of fast ox, as to why only general called policy direction。
In fact, whether or not to raise interest rates, started to feel under can Opening game, specifically decided tomorrow, because tomorrow is the operating window。 The operating position should not be too high so as not to let himself fall into a passive。
  Hot guess: the value of the investment is still the main line to achieve probability: 70% specific reasons: the rise of high-speed straight line segment, straight line closure plate, second and third tier funds began digging underestimate the value of blue-chip, the unicorn, the new times, the Internet industry rose too much hot money need for self-cooling, investors should not worry too much, avoid monster, long underestimate the value of blue-chip configuration。   Operating strategy: value investing is still the mainstream of the current tone of the market, whether unicorn or industrial connectivity, as well as other hot plate, sought after by the funds behind the reflection is still chasing the performance deterministic, the latter also the overall tone is still around layout value。