Sunscreen sunscreen how science has always been more concerned about the topic, and many people may just think the summer only need sunscreen, in fact, this idea is wrong, no matter what the season, the sun is a very important thing in。
So in the end how science sunscreen do the following night network come to you talk about how the scientific method, teach you healthy sun no longer worry Oh!How science sunscreen 1, when they go out must try to avoid exposure。On the go away from 10:00 to 15:00, because this time the strongest ultraviolet。
Also try to avoid places such as the beach and the Peak。
2, portable UV umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, wear long-sleeved clothes made of cotton。
But these only part blocks UV and parasols, sun hat can not block ultraviolet rays reflected from the ground。
3, re-apply: sweating or towel, and this will reduce the effect of sunscreen, not re-apply to get new protection, but protection from the sun to keep any skin care products, or even just water, as long as the coverage will affect the function of sunscreen in the sun, therefore must make up the sweat or sunscreen。
4, free to go out in the midday: UVB early as noon time than about 100 times higher late。
So we must avoid going out at noon, so you can effectively protect themselves。5, generous use sunscreen: sun protection not only depends on the level of sunscreen ingredients and coefficients, whether or not wiping the thickness and uniformity are also important factors。Sunscreen should be applied after skincare。Fat-soluble product, if coated on the sunscreen, sunscreen ingredients will diluting or dissolving the sunscreen loss of function。
How science sunscreen sunscreen ingredients can penetrate other product is absorbed。
6, moisturizing: "After swimming if not immediately wiped away the moisture, the skin will become very dry," you do have this feeling because if there is not enough moisture in the air, the skin from wet to dry process, it will at the same time absorbed by the skin surface of the water so that the skin becomes more dry, which is more pronounced in the northern region。
So the best way to care, that came out from the water bath and immediately wiped away the drops of water, if not in the summer, but also painted skin care products with moisturizing effect, every part of the body when the coating should have painted to, then do gently to help absorb nutrients as soon as possible。
7, sun damage is cumulative, general melanin on the skin of adults is mainly suffered exposure in childhood。
So children from the sun to start。6 months of age can not be seaside bath, before the 7-year-old children to wear?Shirts, sunscreen smearing children, before the age of 18 is the key to sunscreen。