Which is easier to do Hunan Hunan is one of the very famous cuisine of basically fried, and basically put the chili, then what Hunan easier to do together and small series to see what Hunan introduced relatively easy to do it!Which is easier to do Hunan fry eggplant material: the right amount of eggplant, sugar, Vinegar, garlic, thirteen powder, chili, Pickle, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, pork slices。
Practice 1.Sliced eggplant slightly soaked in water。 2.Chop pepper, chopped garlic, sliced pork, diced peppers。
3.Less hot oil stir-fry pot to scattered white pork, stir-fry the garlic Duojiao。
4.Under eggplant stir-fry, add soy sauce, salt, MSG, sugar, Laocu, thirteen powder continue to stir fry。 Fives.Cover and simmer for a small fire, add pepper stir fry, water, starch can thicken。 Hunan Hunan easier to do what the egg material 3 eggs, three red pepper, red pepper one, two green onions, garlic 5, 1 small tempeh。 Practice 1.Tempeh soaked with water about ten minutes in advance。 2.Onions, garlic, peppers are finely chopped。