After Shache County, Xinjiang serious violent terrorist attacks, more than 30,000 people and the local police force rounded up someone's thugs。
In rounding up process, the brutal mob attack on police handling the case and the masses, where the knife cut a mob in a police station handling the case co-worn Hytera radio, the Police Association and therefore spared hurt, and took the opportunity to subdue rioters。 Although it is a coincidence, but digital intercom itself plays in the daily command scheduling, emergency command role should not be underestimated in Linkage。 Minority and more vast geographical area, in recent years, cases of multiple terrorist violence, the country's anti-terrorism stability maintenance of the frontier, so that Xinjiang public security for the performance of police command and dispatch communications system demanding。 Earlier Xinjiang Public Security Department has for the seven prefectures building simulation cluster system, the use of frequencies found deficient, poor security, low data traffic, lack of roaming and other issues, leading to the existing analog system, whether business function, or system public security management capabilities can not meet the actual business demand for wireless communication。 Professional wireless communication is an important means of communication conflict of law enforcement and public security routine maintenance of stability at how police training and technology to achieve wireless communication private network to better serve the actual requirements of public security, public security is an important issue to be resolved。
2012 Xinjiang Public Security Department launched a comprehensive police (PDT) work with digital trunking system construction, and completely replace the existing analog system。
Xinjiang to build a communications network, flattening of the integrated command scheduling, PDT system network covers more kinds of police units, armed police, fire, border, Forest Police, Railway Police, etc.。 Construction of a PDT system, give full play to the advantages of digital wireless communication, in addition to improving the basic voice communication capabilities, it can also achieve multiple encrypted communication, the Beidou satellite positioning, SMS application, real-name system information management, and many other secondary development of digital applications。 Since Hytera PDT digital trunking system is running, not only improves the Xinjiang police counter-terrorism, stability maintenance, emergency combat capability, but also provides a background for the efficient and orderly dispatching and management, through a unified network management, system interconnection interoperability, PGIS system access, system integration applications such as command centers, to achieve a visual command scheduling, provides a strong scientific and technological means for the comprehensive fight against criminals, to defend the lives and property of the people of Xinjiang。 Today, Xinjiang public security system has completed the switch from analog to digital systems, PDT system has been fully used in daily service management, event security, maintenance of stability at the sudden among feature-rich applications to fully meet the various business needs of the police in Xinjiang。
It is reported that Xinjiang police PDT digital trunking system and new digital radio Hytera provided by the company as a leading supplier of professional communications equipment, to provide efficient means of communication for the Xinjiang public security, but also provides a comprehensive communications security services。