Passionate romantic summer, many beautiful and moving story as we staged two parallel lines, facing each other, but can not intersect so I think fondly of you, but can not touch you again and again told myself away from you farther, farther and then farther, but would like to come back again and again walked, but you are afraid will be more lonely love; love to go, but you are afraid of hurt confusion in love share the joy ambiguous, but the pace of messy rush one day, suddenly find that you came into my dreams my heart you have too many dreams, I feel the genuineness of you waving to see you smile filled the face joy beyond words we hugged, we whispered talk to touch your cheek, kiss your forehead melting happy in the happiness of our time is always so short, have your dream or dreams would I want to wake up often, I think you always by my side you see a dream, dream you want to wake up more worried about the pain, care is sad, is worried about the situation from care is happiness, happiness is worried, worried the truth is I tasted the taste of Acacia——Ever since you pain and happiness, loneliness and solitude no longer occupy my day my heart is what can not be replaced share the warmth and joy