Pearl products Meatballs, Ruannuo taste delicious, are often want to know more about it after eating, do it yourself is a good way。
Pearl meatballs do, to choose fat and lean, the three best fat seven lean, so only rich flavor。
Meat added a lotus root, it not only adds flavor fragrance, lotus root or anti-dry solution tired of reinforcing the goods, in line with the modern concept of health with meat and vegetables。 Stuffing also added some cooked rice, so let's soft balls taste more tender。
Meatballs steamed rice steaming time with the usual, like cooked rice, cooked meat will。 Ingredients Ingredients 150 g Pork 200 g lotus glutinous rice bowl accessories seasoning 2 tablespoons ginger 3 grams of salt 10 g of soy sauce, cooking wine 3 g 3 g 4 g 10 g light blue 4 g of pearl sugar practice meatballs 1.Prepare materials: Lotus 150 grams, 200 grams of pork (three seven lean fat, 10 grams of very light blue, 10 grams of ginger, rice bowl of cooked rice and 2 tablespoons soft waxy taste delicious pearl meatballs 2.The lotus root, pork, light blue, ginger were cut into small pieces 3.Followed by the cooking machine broken into, hit the meat, onion ginger resort, last played lotus root 4.Lay all ingredients in a bowl, adding salt, sugar, wine, olive oil, soy sauce, and then cooked rice was added, stirred well Serve stuffing balls 5.Digging with a teaspoon spoonful stuffing balls, like the balls let go heart extruded tiger's mouth, then add the washed rice in the rolling circle, so meatballs covered rice 6.Then take the pearl balls on the pot and steam for 10-15 minutes。