BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reports, the latest study found that obese mice lost because of the taste buds。 Who led the study of Cornell University scientist Robin duo Dan (RobinDando) said the discovery could be a new target for treating obesity, although it is not very great importance to the taste buds, but it is very important。
Article excerpts are as follows: diet, exercise and genetic causes of obesity are, but the taste preferences influence dietary choices。
Some earlier studies have found that obesity usually lower than the sensitivity of taste Thin Man。
This theory has not been confirmed, but it may explain why people eat more high-calorie foods to make up for the taste weakened phenomenon。 Dan duo laboratory team carefully studied the taste buds on the tongue and a population of cells, found mainly five kinds of taste: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami。 The experimental study in mice, they are fed high-fat diet, leading to a rapid increase in weight, and then calculates the cells in taste buds on the tongue。
The researchers will study results published in the "PLOS biological" journal, found that the taste buds obese mice than lean mice a normal diet, a decrease of 25% of the taste buds。
Stanford University weight loss surgeon John Morton (JohnMorton) said the study does emphasize the association between body weight and taste sensitivity。 This is another reason for the difficulties of weight loss。
A few years ago, he let the patient before and after stomach reduction surgery, conducted taste tests found that as weight loss, improved taste。
No matter what the role of taste buds, Morton doctors recommend caution in patients with eating。
In addition to enjoying the sight and smell, slow down the speed of eating before swallowing, chewing 30 times。 He said that can be met from all aspects of the food, not the appetite。 Editor: Xu snow。