A new round of surging wave of information has been struck, with big data, cloud computing is the core of the new technology is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and to stimulate the unlimited business opportunities。 December 12, was organized by the Shenzhen Zhongxing Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen high new material Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was intelligent networking technology applications Association co-host of "NB- of IoT Industry Cooperation Forum – cum resurgence of Things industry development seminar (South China station) meeting "was held in Shenzhen。 The meeting to "join is the time" as the theme, carried out for NB- of IoT technology, big data and other topics to explore in-depth analysis of the development opportunities for the networking industry, and shared innovative applications more segments of the Internet of Things further open up the upstream and downstream resources on the networking industry, for the industry to create an indispensable exchange feast。 Wang Peng, executive vice president of ZTE things together now, from networking applications, security to intelligent manufacturing, medical, financial and asset locating in areas such as continuous extension of the one hundred million connectivity requirements are achieved。 Wang Peng, executive vice president of ZTE Things pointed out that, of all things Internet era and wireless communication technology is closely related to the development of NB- of IoT, Laura and low-power EMTC WAN networking applications will further promote the popularity and spawned a huge market demand。
5G will allow the emergence of telemedicine, autopilot, AR / VR and other scenarios become possible to create more room for imagination era of things。 ZTE Things application end product eco-win-win situation, "high new things together" brand will focus more on the era of things connected to the traditional industry has created unlimited possibilities, while the enormous challenges the complexity of industrial structure and gave the industry。
How can more quickly embrace the opportunities of Things?Eco-win-win situation has become the best choice for industry。 In order to focus more on things "great connection", to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions for the Internet of Things, ZTE things together at the event announced a new sub-brand – new high Things。 Work together to develop without the upstream and downstream industry chain of things, high emerging Things advocate of the "financial" culture is the best interpretation: "melt" a symbol of water, life and growth, a symbol of "financial ecology , the financial industry, financing this, "represents the vision of the depth of cooperation and common development of the downstream industry chain enterprises, reflecting the pursuit of business and strive to build a smarter planet, and create a better human vision。 "High on the emerging things together" brand ZTE was released in conjunction with the Thai and signed a strategic cooperation event, was associated with the emerging high-Shenzhen and the Thai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. signed a NB- of IoT smart appliances strategic cooperation agreement。 The two sides will jointly conduct based on intelligent home product development and promotion NB- floor of IoT technology, relying on their respective strengths to further improve the eco-system of Things platform jointly build integrated solutions to build new business models, promote the industrialization of operational cooperation。