Thirty or forty men need to pay attention to the health and health care, especially kidney health is very important, as it relates to men's sexuality and married life, go home and fell down asleep, listless day, this may be the kidney performance。
If a woman is an important thing as the skin, kidney definitely a man that lives in a very important thing, encounter these situations do not effect, then men should do how kidney health?  1, black mulberry dry mulberry itself has a nourishing, self-cultivation and efficacy of blood。
Not only can improve a woman after eating cold hands and feet problems, more blood, health, Liver, kidney and other effects, is very suitable kidney yin deficiency of male friends often eat, whether it is dry food, tea or pressed into juice, taste very good Oh!  2, black sesame, black sesame, sweet natured beans, have liver or kidney, moisture five internal organs of action, due to lack of dizziness caused by liver and kidney and blood, hair, hair loss, weak waist, intestinal dry constipation better therapeutic health effects。
Tune into a paste, daily cup, not only prevent hair loss, so glossy black hair, so you energy all day。
  Chinese medicine, black beans beneficial in the treatment of edema, and blood detoxification。
Pharmacological studies show that black beans can yin qi is strong and nourishing food。Eat is very diverse, you can porridge, stews or the like。Method is best way to make soy milk made into!  3, is the first Chinese wolfberry wolfberry, wolfberries red color, sweet taste, usually generally put in the soup to drink。
It has gluten kidney, Kidney, lungs, nourishing liver and utility of eyesight; carotene, vitamin A。
This is the kidney。
Wolfberry and jujube soaked with drink, can also be blood, Jianshen, skincare。
  4, yam yam powder has a variety of effects, including kidney and spleen, etc., spleen and stomach and kidney of people can yams as a regular tune up the body of food。
Another on super delicate, more extract the essence of grain, more easily absorbed。
Mountain powder biggest feature is contains a lot of sticky protein, can also keep blood vessels flexible, nourish kidney!  5, scallops nutritional value is very high, with Yin and kidney, tune in and stomach function, can treat dizziness, throat, thirst, asthenia coughing up blood, spleen and stomach sickness, eat helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fitness tonic。  In daily life, stay up late, drink excessively, overeating, drinking and drinking tea, eating salty, drinking too little, often holding back urine, will be on our cause damage to the kidneys, leading to kidney。
As the saying goes "is the three-drug", whether Western or Chinese medicine and health products, all have some side effects。
Everyone wants to quickly relieve physical discomfort of local self-drug naturally became commonplace。But for the kidneys, some drugs mufti is always counterproductive, so the drug nourishment after all, not a permanent solution, treatment of kidney, good health from the kidney usually start。
  Chinese medicine believes that black food into the kidney can Qiangshen can choose food black rice, black beans, black sesame, black fungus, dates, mulberries, mushrooms, kelp, seaweed and other foods, and kidney recommended daily can eat。Also boil stew black rice, black beans, black sesame porridge whole grains daily kidney。