In the first half of this year, the fund semi-annual report disclosed a total of 154.8 billion yuan Kuidiao Christian Democrats, but the fund company management fee income increased rather than decreased, six months gobbled billion yuan, an overcharged% per fund companies to one hundred million yuan。 Thus, regardless of market ups and downs, fund companies also offer higher, many fund companies are Christian Democrats denounced as a "vampire"。
Public fund semi-annual report to see another kind of "chaos": obviously the net value of the fund has shrunk, why some fund managers are still to salary increase?Obviously fund regulators ordered the company not to pay a one-time bonus channels for sale to the fund, why fund customer maintenance costs are also surprisingly high?Clearly came out on top of the public offering are self-proclaimed elite, why repeatedly said he "made a mistake should not be committed" in a semi-annual report?In ancient times goes, chaos Dodge then。
So it really?Although the first half of this year funds hit a record annual loss for the second half, but nearly a year due to the hundreds of new fund "join", the total assets of the fund industry over the past year over the same period, the fund management fee is not falling rise, management fee revenue related to the manager "fat were oil" –60 fund companies charge directly to the Christian Democratic surge%, to reach a total of one hundred million yuan。