Avon gently hold the bright moon-like beauty of lotus pure holiness, a sparkling dew gentle fall apart at the heart of the flower in full bloom; splash petals each passing infatuation slight gap, playing the chord sound sound slow。Orchid dumping the World ignite fireworks, glamorous light from the rising moon hole went up whisper whispering lips。Pathos dream awakened closed, the shuttle indifferent Homecoming; obsession with you new moon。Autumn kiss discover traces of happiness, bright smile guidelines cents sleeve of a robe fluttering。Intricate messy emotions are cut into pieces scissors, bits and pieces lost in the dreary rainy season。    Dew, whole body was covered in crystal; pure and flawless like pearls。Deep down ripples rippling water tenderness, disguised lazy confuse the biting cold wind; writing a hibiscus can understand only anecdotal Spring。Selfless romantic tangle into a beautiful Acacia error, reveals a hint of magic spell like staring deep quiet close。Vermilion vermilion Xuan window screens, desolate ravaged trembling voice-over。Cool nail accidentally pierced the sad pattern fleeting years, unlimited extension of the four seasons of loneliness and solitude。Sighs in a deserted corner of the quiet, still quietly off the string still rhyme。    Willow hibiscus, moaning in Fang。Chongni wings flying, please let me heal you。Happiness within reach, is not far away。Gently massage brow furrowed sadness, a silver flute moist lips a passionate。The foot can not see the dust of sorrow, turned Looking back, that Mi Mongolia dim light may still beautiful shadow?Acacia flowers bloom soulmate, dew and Lin met in bamboo forest under the moonlight。Intrigue alone sniff the intoxicating fragrance, with my love of words lightly touch your heart。Listen to two faltering rain, twist the pen to tell the eternal Allure。    Stretch tired of thinking, enlarged warm image; lotus shy and sweet thoughts of frustration, because a drop of dew in the rivers and lakes can not be accompanied by sad eyes infatuation temptation and provocative at the heart of。I know you want to be like this forever Discovering love, I know you want to always be made in such cage charm。But the chaos of the purple street, but it is disappointing。At this time, love was painted a dark color, however, we can not love precipitation in the heart; it can not be forgotten 八百里洞庭。Yangtze River chant sonic booms sky last night, falling into mourning faint Xiao Yin passing years fingertips。    Edge of the world, the wires are not visible red stripe; pulling a curtain below the dew Hibiscus dream。Put thoughts of shackles, Le deep bone marrow into the skin; oozing a touch of beautiful color of pain。Canruo stars shining smile the most sincere feelings, warm sunshine lake full bloom。Frown frown Tingting shuttle between the fleeting youth, devout kneeling in solemn purple street Lingtai, warm and happy to pay homage to the dead。Indifferent trek in filthy Qian Chen, captures a hint of infatuation love vulgar desire to penetrate the walls of reinforced concrete pouring。Across the desolate vicious Xianfeng, whether you can become a butterfly hell rebirth?    Zuiwo Lake dim moonlight, broken to pieces, cut open a channel dew fleeting light; sprayed with a lotus Coquette。Ruthless indifference of the universe stubborn insistence of the supreme truth, can not be refuted excuse to intimidate bloodthirsty dark eyes; as if hell out of the wolf。Hidden injured wings, freedom of confusion hide。Reveal the fragrance of youth, you are pressed into a film stored in the bottom of my heart phonograph; ambiguous mood temporary relief from oppression in the body of the peaks surrounding gas。My unruly helpless grief miserable pain, a little bit of soul eliminate residual exhausted; it hurt you?How can you hurt?    Dew fall apart in Lin Rui, could there be good fortune that this life of this world。Hibiscus kiss a crystal, it is also the soul of Allure。White Magic snow falling bridge, waiting for the worth of bringing offer all kinds of bright moonlight。CLS Liuniansishui Reeds left bank, right bank Suiyueruge sunset Ningbi。A paper pathos lingering shadows, swaying youth leaves fly; hazy mottled purple street ethereal emotion。Kate singing drunk roots, dried up disappearing clouds。Hot love waiting for you for a long time, time to let go of regret clasped hands?I see the pity, especially charming, scattered a lotus stems; thin miss season。