China news agency, Beijing, November 20 (Reporter Zhou Xinai) – President of the Republic of Panama Barrera 20th, 2018 Panama and China opened direct flights。
Barrera day on their personal Twitter wrote: "I am delighted to share with you, Panama will open direct flights to China in March 2018, then, there will be two flights a week non-stop from Beijing to Panama."。
Chinese living in Panama's history has been more than 160 years old。
According to official statistics, the current Panama more than 300 million people, the Chinese accounted for 5%, about 15 million people; and have Chinese blood is at least 30 million people, accounting for 10% of the population。
Former president of the Panamanian Association of Huadu remember Tim Lo, the previous, local overseas Chinese to return progenitor (membership) countries, mainly rely on two routes: one took off from Panama, after six hours to turn in Los Angeles, then fly 14 after hours of arrival in China; and second, took off from Panama, the Paris transit, but this time the route will take longer than the first。
He Xiaojuan lived in Panama 20 years, told reporters, without further by way of a third country, while living in the country from the direct progenitor (membership) States, overseas Chinese in Panama, no doubt, is a "big benefits"。 "I did not expect China and Pakistan established diplomatic relations after just a few months came the good news!"He Xiaojuan informed of the message the first time, I put in my circle of friends to share the good news。 She told reporters that China and Pakistan are all direct flights to Panama compatriots dream of things, but now "dream come true"。 He Xiaojuan also said that the new route significantly "shorten" the distance between China and Pakistan, "good environmental Panama, the world-famous natural scenery, the opening of direct flights, welcome friends come and see the motherland!"Should be invited Chinese President Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of Panama Barrera is on a state visit to China。 17, under the witness of two heads of state, director of Civil Aviation Administration of China Feng Zhenglin Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama Deshengmaluo in Beijing signed the "People's Republic of China Transport Agreement between the Government and the Government of the Republic of Panama Civil Aviation"。 The agreement is the fundamental legal basis for the establishment of air links between the two countries。 Editor: Fei Fan。