(IntelligentBuilding) refers to the use of automation, communications, information technology and other intelligent means to provide safe, efficient, convenient and energy-saving features such as buildings。
The system has integrated features, the history is short, but wide-ranging, fast rate of progress is dynamic and relative concept, with the ever-changing high-tech development。
Intelligent building by building sub-function smart homes, smart public buildings, intelligent commercial buildings, building and construction。
Multiple dwelling group constituted intelligence community; intelligent public buildings, commercial buildings, such as the formation of intelligent smart Square。 Intelligent community, intelligent Square ,, and together constitute the smart city, smart city one by one eventually form a Smarter Planet。
After the data show that China's intelligent building industry market in 2005 for the first time exceeded 200 billion industry, according to forward-looking Institute released "Report of intelligent building industry development prospects and investment strategic planning analysis", but also more than 20% annual growth development。 In 2012, the construction industry continued to grow downstream of promoting the development of intelligent building industry, China's intelligent building market reached 86.1 billion yuan, an increase of 26.6%。
By 2016, China's intelligent building market has reached 1853 billion yuan, an increase of 18.About 18%, continue to maintain a rapid growth rate。 2005-2016 Annual intelligent building industry market size of China (Unit: 100 million) Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation if the broad architectural point of view, the main equipment used in intelligent building among。 Intelligent building industry with great development potential, China's economic development is considered to be a very important industry, its industry leading role should not be underestimated。 According to statistics, the United States and Japan accounted for intelligent building new buildings are in the ratio of 60% or more。 By 2016, China's intelligent building new buildings accounted for around 35% of proportion。
Our intelligent building started in 1990, six years later than the United States, Japan, more than four years later, by comparing the development process of the United States and Japan, intelligent building and looking forward to the next country in the proportion of intelligent building new buildings will remain a year 3。 About 5 percentage points to enhance the speed, to 2022, China's intelligent building than listed in the new buildings is expected to reach 57%。 The proportion of our forecast 2017-2022 Annual intelligent building in new buildings (unit:%) Source: Institute for Prospective origin of intelligent building industry consolidation in the 1990s, the industry has experienced start-up period, norming, Development of Three stage; a regional first-tier cities to second and third tier cities gradually promote the future will be popular in rural areas, ecological parks, industrial areas; technology management by the Electrical and gradually to digital, network development。 With the expansion of time, the field of technology in three dimensions, covering the field of intelligent building gradually increased, sustained industry growth rate of more than 20%。 Our intelligent building was built in the 1990s, due to the late start, the smaller base。
In the United States and Japan, intelligent building new buildings accounted for the proportion has exceeded 70% and 60% respectively。
Compared to other developed countries, accounting for intelligent building our country is still at a low level。
Future, intelligent building new buildings accounted for the proportion will continue to rise, coupled with the existing intelligent building renovation, is expected to 2022, the intelligent building market will reach 416.8 billion yuan。 2017-2022 Annual of intelligent building industry market size and year on year growth forecast (Unit: 100 million) Source: Institute for Prospective current industry consolidation, intelligent building industry is still in the growth stage, small-scale enterprises and more practitioners, industry concentration is relatively lower sales of the top ten companies account for only about 15% market share。 However, some large and medium enterprises with intelligent project implementation experience in the development process of the formation of their own strengths and advantages, and gradually form their own brand, the emergence of a number of outstanding business intelligence in the various market segments within the industry。 As technology advances, increasingly fierce competitive environment, it is anticipated there will be a series of industry consolidation, industry concentration will increase, while the larger integrators in the industry will also be more to the advantage of the whole field in which solving orientation of the program of development of integrated service providers。