Even if only to see the young man to dry the bra may also produce an erection, but after 35 years of age, the face of his wife's body could not agree, he would pay more attention to his wife's kisses and caresses。
1, try the innovation age couples, increase mutual understanding, due to the familiarity and trust each other, no longer embarrassed to discuss how to get a more satisfying sex life。You may wish to learn new ways, new ideas to solve old problems, such as husband and wife with bath, etc.。
2, adjust the speed of the young sexual performance was fast and intense, they are easily excited, and like all of a sudden, like gunpowder burst out。20-year-old male after sex can start 23 minutes to reach orgasm, and his wife but may take more than twenty minutes in order to achieve a high degree of excitement。
So the situation when his wife was getting better, but her husband has died down often appear。Survey shows that married women in their twenties in all age groups are the most difficult to reach orgasm。
With age, male excitement began a slow rhythm, flow velocity and speed of muscle contraction naturally slow down, forty or fifty years hence men take longer to reach orgasm。This slow full of erotic feelings for his wife was more attractive。
With the "sex Fen" synchronization, the wife will naturally be met。