Five kinds of sex tips woman will learn what are talking about sexual technique might many people will think that it is men who want to learn something, in fact, the woman is also necessary to learn。 The following small series for everyone to talk about sex a woman will learn five skills, so that he can not do without you!Five kinds of skills will learn a woman, licking the importance we all know how important licking foreplay, while cool man who simply suggesting for a moment, the man in addition to the little brother, sensitive zone are: ear after, neck, nipples, around the navel, palm, thigh, buttocks, balls and balls around, and most comfortable way is part of a broad tongue licked, but will gently touch the tip of the tongue better than tongue hand, will bring many silk itchy feeling。
And yes, people speculate Egg is not a site, some men really like women licking this area, according to Sam's saying is: "This is a very sensitive part, there will be licked feeling, but be careful not to bite or too hard, otherwise it is very easy to screw up。 "However, this part, I have also heard For Women friends Samantha said, her boyfriend would not like others to touch his balls, please Samantha can not follow suit, so this site, or a matter of opinion sensitive zone。 And Nelly provides another place where people blush, he emphasized that this is indeed a medical basis。
Bring a woman orgasm?Point, is found in the 1950s by the ErnestGrafenberg, but recently the medical profession also found that men also have?Point, but it is near the anus entrance, close to where the prostate, if appropriate extrusion or licking can cause irritation male ejaculation。
Of course, I personally have not the guts to try, but according to Li's view, this part of the stimulus, it will certainly bring pleasure。 Five kinds of skills women will learn 2, do not wear your pajamas to bed panda Sam, Ernie, Nelly unanimously when you want to go to bed, you can wear striped pajamas, you can wear ordinary small vest, but do do not become wearing only socks, underwear small, with perhaps a panda in Beijing to buy a souvenir or short-sleeved sequined elephant in Thailand to buy short-sleeved (because always find time to wear, so I had to bring pajamas do), then the woman fell down asleep。
That is not "dry female" issue, but a woman should always prepare for the unexpected sex。
Put it this way, if when you came home and saw her boyfriend wearing tight briefs and white stockings out to greet you, so you will have fried rice appetite so, if your side is always ready TV drama only thing you usually do not need short sleeve pajamas do, then you will never be able to wear sexy little shorts and a white vest, a man of late greet you, along with your man back home, just to press the bell man……。