Men's skin care are the main points which lifted skin care may have a lot of people still think that is what a female friend who was concerned about, in fact, as it now more attention to the external image, male skin care has become a concern the focus of the。
Important Points Then the men skin care are what it following small for everyone to bring men's skin care, men should also have good skin Oh!Men's skin care Point 1.The important role of emulsion water content of the emulsion is larger, able to add moisture, so。
Lotion also contains a small amount of oil, but also moisturize the skin。 In particular, some anti-aging lotion contains ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin, so the skin regains elasticity。 2.Do not blindly shaping plastic should be careful。
Any surgery has risks, the greater the surgery, the greater the risk。 Many people seek immediate cosmetic only beautiful, without taking into account the coming decades will face degeneration。
In fact, the current popular method, although these plastic surgery can make you look good enough。 Note, however, with age, our face and body will change gradually, but this time, cosmetic sequelae will find on our'll make plastic even more aging people than the average person。 3.Avoid too much direct sunlight is well known that sun's ultraviolet rays and pollution skin darkening and aging, which allows UVB sunburn, while ubiquitous ultraviolet light, will penetrate the epidermis directly to the dermis, accelerated skin aging speed, so tanning。 Avoid direct sunlight at 11:00 to 3:00 pm, because this time the strongest ultraviolet light, also the largest mass destruction。
Initial exposure to sunlight under clear skies, time should not exceed 30 minutes。
Out umbrella, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, painting is the most basic and effective protective measures。
The best long wear dark clothes, because ultraviolet rays easily penetrate the relatively light-colored clothes。
4.Loss of overheating。