Chinese say, "Zhao Jia is more than blood."。
The white spots, suggesting that human organs dysfunction, especially in poor digestion and absorption, the body nutrition is not enough to pay attention to a balanced diet。
  With Shu Wen prompt physical state of fatigue, may have recently not very good mental state。In any case, pay attention to relax, rest a regulation。  Dysfunctional organs causes: 1.With cold, wet, hot evil-based (including bacteria, viruses), improper sexual intercourse, excessive birthing, eating disorders, trauma or flutter caused by dysfunctional organs。  2.The human spirit emotional (impassioned) changes can affect organs, blood functional activities。Mental or emotional stimulation, can affect the function of regulating Chong and Ren。
  The main symptoms of kidney, liver, heart, spleen dysfunction, resulting in blood deficiency, any lack of red, with a pulse is not solid; inherent loss of kidney essence, acquired disorders, wasting stomach, blood deficiency after serious chronic illness and other organs are dysfunctional performance。  Prevention: 1.Correct understanding and stable natural law of development is the advent of menopause mood irreversible, should equanimity。
  2.Adjust your diet, increase activity with age, basal metabolism decreased, the need to reduce heat, so the diet must be reasonable adjustments。
  3.Pay attention to hygiene, regular check-ups status。
  Relieve fatigue small coup eat lots of green vegetables。
They contain important minerals and vitamins, the body needs these substances to fight fatigue。Green leafy vegetables are rich in potassium, which is an important element of fatigue resistance, (bananas may be)。The calcium to ease fatigue and stress also play an important role。  Drink a glass of grape juice and lemon juice can prevent and relieve mental fatigue every day。Grape juice has been shown to dispel fatigue。Therefore, after the end of a tiring day's work, you may wish to have a drink, relieve fatigue。You can also pour the lemon juice and grape juice in a cup to drink, taste better。
  Bubbles per day。You can add 7 drops of lavender essential oil in the bathtub, 3 drops of rosemary essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, a cup of sea salt, a cup of soda。This recipe can relieve fatigue, hot bubble bath, you will be a lot of cool。
  For fatigue, it is not necessarily a good rest。On the fatigue, and some may be caused by psychological factors mental fatigue。Therefore, we must pay attention to adjust their state of mind in their daily life and work, a time to relax, not been in a state of high pressure。