The students are pro forma for map / China Taojiang net Yesterday was World TB Day。
Have less than 100 days from the national college entrance examination, fourth Taojiang County, Hunan Province 364 high school class 78 students suffering from tuberculosis are still worried about whether they pass the college entrance examination。   Mid-August 2017, the class gathered tuberculosis epidemic outbreak。 Several sick students told Beijing Youth Daily reporter, and now they are still taking medicine。
  Students consider the practical difficulties of illness, Hunan Provincial Education Department has agreed to sick students the college entrance examination was delayed two months。
  78 students enrolled in this year's college entrance examination in August 2017, Taojiang 364 Fourth Class outbreak of tuberculosis clusters of disease, due to the prevalence of students are graduating high school students, college entrance examination approaches, their situation cause for concern。 According to the local government informed that as at March 19, 2018, the Fourth Middle School students Taojiang total of confirmed cases of tuberculosis in 79 cases, 78 students have enrolled in the college entrance examination, apply for leave of absence procedures 1 person。 78 students have been back to school enrolled 59 students, four people were hospitalized, six people drop out treatment, eight people can not return to school back to school and one review。
  Since suffering from tuberculosis, 364 of the original class of Chen Xin (a pseudonym) has not been back to school, the family invited a tutor to help her private tuition。 Seeing entrance day draws near, a recent review of the college entrance examination left her dream cast a shadow。 "In early March to review when the doctor told me I have to eat at least a year drug, because empty lungs have not healed。
"Chen Xin said he did not know he could not pass a medical examination before the college entrance examination, even if passed, the next university entrance examination also made her very worried。
  Li Ching (a pseudonym) is a classmate Chen Xin, she is now back to school to study, but how much influence the physical condition or results。 And Chen Xin, she also continues to medication, "at least have to take medicine for two months, and lung scars, do not know will not affect the physical"。   Hunan Provincial Education Department agreed to defer examination in late February this year, Hunan Province issued the relevant provisions of the 2018 college entrance examination work, medical standards refer to "ordinary colleges and universities admissions examination guidance," the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, China Disabled Persons' Federation issued ( teaching [2003] No. 3)。
  Beijing Youth Daily reporter found the relevant provisions on TB in the above document。
Tuberculosis following exceptions may not be accepted: primary pulmonary tuberculosis, infiltrative tuberculosis induration stable; tuberculous pleurisy model has been cured or cured sequelae pleural hypertrophy。
All extrapulmonary tuberculosis (renal tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, peritoneal tuberculosis, etc.), after hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis cure without recurrence at least one year, after more than two hospitals (or tuberculosis control) no change specialist examination。
Lymph gland tuberculosis have asymptomatic clinical cure。
  In order to avoid suffering from tuberculosis because students will not affect college admission, Hunan Provincial Education Department has agreed to postpone the June 14 Zhong Taojiang four sick students to the examination time。   Hunan Provincial Education Department staff told reporters Beiqing Bao, the first time they verified the situation after learning of the outbreak of tuberculosis epidemic Taojiang four high school students, followed by a group of these students' college entrance examination deadline postponed from April 15 to 6 January 14。 Taojiang county government then issued a document called, "and strive to by more than two months of treatment, to the college entrance examination standards。 "Experts say the cure does not affect the high Mengqiu Institute of Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor tuberculosis two kinds of medical director told reporters in Beijing, the vast majority of TB patients after standard treatment can be completely cured, but depending on the condition, the treatment required time there will be differences: "for the first time the prevalence of major anti-TB drugs and sensitive groups, requires a minimum treatment period of six months; for retreatment of tuberculosis patients take eight to nine months; and MDR-TB cure general in about two years。
"There is not only the requirements of the college entrance examination in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis restrictions, the reporter found that China in 2013 introduced the" prevention and control management approach "clearly states tuberculosis, schools at all levels, faculty and school freshmen nurseries, food, medicine cosmetic practitioners, practitioners and other provisions "public places, health regulations," the groups are the focus of tuberculosis screening population。
  In this regard, high Meng Qiu explained, TB only to be found by chest X-ray examination of the project in general admissions or employment physical examination, and will not affect other indicators。
After cure the disease, TB is killed, leaving lesions if they are completely absorbed, do not see shadows on chest X-ray, it can not be learned whether volunteers has won tuberculosis。
If the disease is discovered late, not quite fully absorb it, although the latter completed treatment and sputum examination and other related checks were negative, but still be able to see traces tuberculosis suffered from a chest X-ray, such as fiber sclerosis lesions or calcifications。
  But high Mengqiu adds both cases call a cure, will not become an obstacle to personal and social studies admission employment, but had received norms need to provide proof of anti-TB treatment to the authorities, chest X-ray or CT findings of previous and sputum examination results。
  Text / reporter Zhang Xiong Yingqi month deceive。