Barcelona star Pique Manchester United have had a brief career, recalled those years the Red Devils, Pique most fear figure was the Manchester United captain Roy – Keane。
Recently, Pique broke through ThePlayersTribune interesting year in the Manchester United dressing room。
  "I was in the first game at Old Trafford, when everyone's getting ready in the locker room, I was very nervous。
You can think about that scene, I was a 18-year-old child, sitting in the little locker room wearing socks around that Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs, Ferdinand, I really want to stealth up。 I thought, to do my own thing, do not interesting。 So we sat, and other coaches come in lecture。
My position in Roy – Keane side, the locker room is too small, as small as our legs almost met, and that there is no space。 "" Originally the dressing room is deathly quiet, and suddenly you hear the sound vibration of the phone, very slight, Roy began looking all over the house。
I realized that my phone rang, I tune into shock, in my pants pocket, then stuffed into a laundry bag, hung on the wall behind Keane。
Roy did not find the source of the noise, he began looking around like a madman the whole house, he wanted to find out who in the end is。 You remember – Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" from rushing out the door shot it?Keane was just like。 "Pique continued:" Keane roaring "to everyone who phones?"No answer。
He asked again。 Still no answer。 He asked a third time, "in the end who TMD phone?'Finally, I spoke like a child, very softly said,' I'm sorry, my。
"Roy lost your mind。 Him in front of everyone crazy, it was so incredible。
I also almost crazy。
But in general, Roy is a good man。 "" It is 2018, and everything is different, all the children will play phone before the game。 But in 2006, but a different world。 You can not do that, especially at Manchester United can not do that, especially not do that in Roy's locker room。 That is one of many mistakes I committed in Manchester in a。