Growth from a start, dental care should just be the baby's daily life。 However, there are a lot of people did not mind and luck。 They believe that "sooner or later to replace the deciduous teeth, then why not after permanent teeth care?"。 I tell you this may be wrong。
  If the permanent teeth cleaned properly, prone to corrosion or tooth decay, the baby is difficult to chew food, causing indigestion, can not develop proper eating habits, tooth decay and serious, inflammation will occur from the root portion will soon grow back deciduous adverse effects, can lead to poor calcification of permanent teeth, or the color and appearance of the tooth surface such as a difference。   When the baby was born six months, will begin to grow, and it lasts up to 3 years old, all 20 primary teeth will grow, and 6 years old then slowly began to grow on a permanent tooth, which is permanent。
For different month-old baby, there are different methods of maintenance, Mummy novice should learn the correct brushing step, in order to maintain the baby's teeth。   Second, 0?6 months baby – the baby did not have clean teeth during this period, although not grow teeth, but still clean mouth a day at least 2 times。
When the baby drinking milk, you should use warm water soaked gauze towels, carefully wipe the entire oral cavity to help baby。   Correct steps: firstly water should be fed baby, after rinsing the mouth, and then water soaked gauze towel packages on the index finger, positive wiping gums, inner, upper, lower, right, and left a。
  Rear side gums should gently rotated fingers, gently wiped, also above the gums gently wiped, and then massage the gums finger, the finger rotatable wiping palate, about 2 minutes massage。   Area between the gum and the lip is easy to leave the milk residue, and therefore need to be carefully wipe, but you can not wipe too hard, easy to make the mouth abrasions!  Third, 7?12 months baby – brushing habits to develop in this period, your baby will start to grow two bottom teeth and two upper teeth, front teeth begin to grow long after the tooth should carry out normal maintenance。
At this time, although they can not properly brush your teeth, but it is beginning to develop the habit of cleaning teeth period, during which time, Mommy can use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the front teeth, so not only can wipe the teeth of residual dirt, but also massage effect。 After a day should brush your teeth at least twice, preferably at meals or drinking juice。   The correct procedure: first let the baby lying on the bed or thigh Mommy, Mommy can help make brushing baby from behind。
  Correct method of brushing: brush lightly down from the upper row of teeth on the lower row of teeth and brush from the bottom up, or vibration levels between two teeth can be cleaned at least 2 minutes。
  Fourth, 12?24 months baby – Carefully clean the baby molars to around 1 year old, will grow up and down four teeth, grow a total of eight; the baby was born 16 months or so, the following will start to grow two molars; born 20 months , each of the upper and lower canines will grow 2。
Be sure to use a toothbrush to brush your teeth carefully。
  The correct procedure: Let the baby this time holding a toothbrush own practice, but can not use toothpaste or mouthwash can dip water use, and finally by the mummy is still correct brushing baby。   Also let the baby lying on the bed or thigh Mommy, Mommy can help make brushing baby from the rear, upper row of teeth from top to bottom side lightly, lower row of teeth from the bottom up brushes, toothbrushes depression molar tooth will have to about face massage to the concave tooth surface clean。
  While brushing the right upper order to a lower left in brush rows of teeth, and then brushed back by a row of lower left upper right row of tooth surface, cleaning at least 2 minutes。