India is one of the world's fastest growing electronic business market currently, it develops its two local commercial enterprises Flipkart and Snapdeal, has recently spread to the largest shareholder of the largest local commercial enterprises Flipkart will become Wal-Mart, why has hope something Alibaba Indian market has not taken action yet?After the Chinese online market structure and stability, China's largest electricity provider Alibaba also choose to attack the Indian market, which had earlier invested in Indian electricity supplier snapdeal, in 2016, when it also intends to spread investment Flipkart, but because for various reasons did not become a reality。 The current Wal-Mart plans to buy a stake in Flipkart Flipkart from the old shareholders Tiger Global Fund and Softbank hands, while Flipkart issue of new shares to Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart will eventually hold 51% stake in Flipkart acquired a controlling position。 Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer, but the booming years of online market is the steady erosion of its share of the retail market, forcing it to enter the online market。 Alibaba shares snapdeal disadvantaged in the past three years under fierce attack in India's largest local electricity supplier Flipkart and Amazon's market share declined, the gap between Flipkart and Amazon continues to expand, due to lack of competitiveness, one of the shareholders of Softbank had Flipkart and hopes to promote snapdeal merger, but snapdeal founder and other opposition failed to become a reality。
In addition to investment in shares and plans snapdeal shares Flipkart, Ali largest investment in India Paytm platform and its parent company one97, shares eventually held more than 51%, has a controlling stake after the Paytm, launched its electric Paytm business services, and its mode of Ali Lynx similar to brand-based electricity supplier, the main superior products are genuine。
Currently Paytm electronic business platform has settled in over one hundred thousand brands, many of which come from Chinese market, Paytm electronic business platform to help Indian consumers at preferential price to buy excellent quality and price of Chinese brand products, much time in the past year Paytm rapid development platform。
Softbank last year for $ 1.4 billion invested in Paytm, September Paytm acquired Bangalore-based travel booking site, showing that this appliance business platform won the favor of capital institutions, and began to mergers and acquisitions of the rapid expansion of business。 Perhaps Alibaba Holdings Paytm rapid development, it has no intention to invest in India's domestic electricity business platform, and want to support its holding Paytm electronic business platform to achieve rapid expansion has made certain market position in the Indian market objectives electricity supplier。 As can be seen from the Chinese market, after the electricity supplier in the market to a certain stage of development, B2C model Lynx is more popular with consumers, consumers can purchase this type of electronic business platform to guarantee a better quality of products, and C2C mode Taobao dropped to second place。
Indian power market developer also has many years, Indian consumers have begun to mature, they began to pursue a better quality product, which you can see a similar situation from the mobile phone market, as early as two years Indian brands such as Micromax's ultra-low-cost cheap Mobile phones has won significant market share, Micromax more than once made Samsung's position in the market, but this year Chinese mobile phone brands with better quality and higher prices of products has won a substantial share of the smartphone market in India, India's intelligence there are four of the top five mobile phone market come from China, India, the Indian domestic brands was out of the top five smartphone market position。 The combination of these factors to consider, Alibaba stake is no longer considered Indian electricity supplier in the Indian market and chose to support its holding Paytm development, perhaps in the hope that the Indian market will Paytm electronic business platform to become another Lynx。