Location: body of a male contraceptive is coming!Would you like to eat for your girlfriend / wife do 2018-3-2815: 27: 44 Source: Introduction: The way it is。British "Daily Mail" recently broke the news – male contraceptive successfully tested!University of Washington researchers recruited 83 18?50-year-old man, give them to eat one kind of male contraceptive called DMAU, taken once daily for 28 days……Short-acting contraceptives, deep reactive with the name does not mean that eating a pill causes weight gain, Zhangdou, lead to irregular menstruation, and even cancer it?In fact, these claims are out of date。Oral contraceptives, estrogen and progesterone composition。Progestin contraceptives in the past, have androgenic activity, after taking so easy to gain weight, acne。Now using a new type of progesterone, androgen almost no role, and even anti-androgens, not only do not eat no fat Changdou, but also reduce body swelling, breast tenderness and discomfort。Medicine menstruation can contraception, but also tune "Menopathy" Clinically, the doctor gave some female patients, there is a short-acting oral contraceptives。
Oral contraceptives can prevent ovarian cancer will inhibit ovulation, which is equivalent to the chance of ovarian a respite; but also to prevent endometrial hyperplasia, and then develop into cancer。However, despite the short-acting contraceptive benefits, but its greatest adverse reactions, blood clots that may increase the risk of thrombosis high-risk populations (healthy people are not affected)。So the following categories of people, not fit to eat: people smoke; there are serious cardiovascular disease or rheumatic disease of the crowd; people suffering from migraine; diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver disease crowd; there is a history of breast cancer or are currently people suffering from breast cancer。
In addition, more than 40-year-old woman, and Zhangdou, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia people, do not just buy food!Like doctor like doctor like doctor!。