Local time on January 18, 2018, Chinese panda "Hua Panther" and "Golden baby" arrived in the Finnish capital Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, to carry out a 15-year research cooperation。   To ensure the smooth through the adaptation period after two giant pandas arrived in Finland, China sent an experienced breeder and veterinarian random escorted, they will team with meticulous care and Finland two giant pandas, until two pandas adapt to new home life。   Two giant pandas in the future will stay 芬兰艾赫泰 zoo, which is located in the northern part of the zoo in Helsinki more than 300 kilometers, covering 60 hectares, the climate is similar to the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, is Finland's largest wildlife park。
To meet the arrival of giant pandas, the zoo built a cost of 8.2 million euros of the giant panda museum, covering nearly 6,000 square meters, each panda pens about 2,000 square meters, the design philosophy is to provide access to wild habitat for giant pandas surroundings。
  Ahtari zoo in order to promote both Chinese baby, taking into account the Finnish pronunciation in Chinese tell "Leopard" and "treasure" of the tone, then collect the Finnish name for the two giant pandas in the country。
"Pilv" Finnish male name, which means "snow"; "Rumi" is a Finnish female name, meaning "snow"。
Editor: Li Ruichen。