Chapped lips how to do after entering the winter dry lips became the case a lot of people will appear, and chapped lips not only look good, but also cause pain。
He met their chapped lips in the end how to do it the following small series to bring the solution to chapped lips to you, do they make you moist lips!Chapped lips how to do a fly in the ointment selected lip care is nothing more than a shortcut key and choose a reliable lip balm, lip balm in the choice, do not like to select something that sounds like superstition facial skin care products luxury high-end atmosphere on the grade ingredients for the delicate area because of the lack of sebaceous glands, closed lip care when oil is most loved, so that, instead of mineral oil, petrolatum, wool fat these inexpensive ingredients can give lip better results。 Lip also UV will accelerate skin aging, this principle also applies to the lip。 Lip often exposed to the sun are more likely to become dry dumb, so in addition to taking into account the moisture outside, it is best to be with UV protection SPF8 more daytime use。
It is important may be a little massage after finished using lipstick, lip which can promote blood circulation, so full of fat more evenly penetrate into lip lines, but also can improve the visual impression of dark lips。 Do not lick lips dry lips feel dry, many people will unconsciously licking lips to relieve dry, in fact, this is a very bad habit。
Saliva contains a special alkaline enzyme could exacerbate dry lips, make the passage of time may occur chapped lips。 Chapped lips how to do maintenance around key makeup on the lips before applying lipstick in be sure to apply a sufficient amount of lip balm and massage to promote absorption, and after makeup if feeling dry lips, you can use so far pressed to absorb the residual float Lips, painted after malleable lip products。 When ten million partition treated in the makeup be sure to use a lip dedicated remover products, such as makeup remover or makeup remover, lip because the skin is very thin, if you use cleansing oil or other cleaning products will be too strong to hurt lip skin , leaving lips drier。 Targeted for taking vitamin supplements, vitamins nourish lip skin has three, vitamin C, vitamin B2 and vitamin A, which can help improve the skin metabolism lip skin, mucosal repair function, so that the skin becomes more resilient lip。 Spicy foods will increase the burden of lip skin, because there is no lip skin barrier protection, but thin layer of mucous membranes, eat some food flavors will stimulate mucosal function and even lead to ulcers。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。