The world livable city ranking list released in Hong Kong fell 16 || human resources consulting firm ECA International recently issued a most livable areas on this year's survey shows that Hong Kong ranked the world fell 16, fell to No. 33; the second consecutive 16 in the first reelection。
Reports said the survey covered a total of 450 cities worldwide, considering its climate, affordable health care degree, housing, infrastructure, personal safety and political tensions as well as the extent of air quality and other factors, the overall results livable city。
Affected by the recent social and political instability, Hong Kong fell by 16 in the world ranking。 But in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong is still ranked No. 6。 Asia Regional Director ECA Quane said Hong Kong's ranking in infrastructure, education and health support and other aspects are still good, but the air quality is worse than many other Asian economies, coupled with unprecedented tensions occurred in recent months, making Hong Kong the social and political score fell。
By virtue of good air quality, solid infrastructure, world-class medical facilities and low crime rates 16 consecutive years as the world's number one liveable city。 Other top ten livable cities, nine are located in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly in Australia and Japan。 Mainland, Shanghai remains the most livable city in the world ranked No. 110; Beijing is ranked the world's first 122。 Most scores remained stable mainland cities, including Chongqing and Shenzhen ranked a substantial leap forward。