At this time, especially for people who love angry, you can drink milk ,, eat dried fish and other ways to help the body。Calcium has the effect of emotional stability, but also helps to eliminate anger; radish suitable for Shun Qi Jianwei, heat Phlegm role of qi lit phlegm, it is best eaten raw, but also do carrot soup; we also a small amount can have a beer, you can shun gas appetizer to change the angry mood。Eat candy kitchen stove custom Suimu FANG Si Mei Wang, cantaloupe ingots are wheat sugar。So what need is more than sticky mouth, teeth shillings to buy children taste。When Jizao, coated with caramel Kitchen God's mouth, in order to "God made good"; ancient caramel, also known as plastic teeth Xing, said the stove or sugar, also known as the Kanto sugar。After the wax, markets will have to sell Tanggua made with wheat sugar, candied fruit, sugar, gold, sugar, and other Liaohua。
Qing Li E literati are "plastic teeth Xing" poem: "Festival of man was off, add a dish last days。Liaohua points dotted, pink sticky cocoon total。"Jizao is a great influence on our country in a Han Chinese, very wide spread custom of。Old, almost every family has a Zaojian "Kitchen God" tablets。People call this deity as "Siming Buddha" or "Kitchen God Siming," the legend he is the Jade Emperor seal "nine days Siming East kitchen stove Palace Monarch", responsible for managing the various juh, is protected as a God by worship。Most lesions Wang niches provided in the kitchens of the north or east, the intermediate for statues on the Kitchen。Note too small niche in the Kitchen of people do not, there will be statues directly attached to the wall。Some statues painted Kitchen God only one person, while others have both men and women, the goddess known as "The Kitchen Grandma"。This is probably mimic human couple image。Like most of the Kitchen God is also printed on this year's calendar, the words "East Kitchen Siming Lord," "human surveillance God," "householder" and other words to indicate the status of Vesta。Both sides labeled "God made good, the lower bound for security and peace," the couplet to bless the whole family peace。
Kitchen God since last year's New Year's Eve has been to stay at home, to protect and monitor one; the twelfth lunar month on the 23rd to the Kitchen God will have to heaven, heavenly Jade Emperor to report the whereabouts of the family of goodness or evil, the Song Zaoshen ceremony called "free kitchen" or "out the kitchen"。
According to reports the Kitchen of the Jade Emperor, and then this one in the new year should be good and bad fortune fate intersect at the hands of the Kitchen。Therefore, the family, the kitchen god to report the reality of great interest。