BI Chinese station on October 3 reported first Imagine this scenario: you have the opportunity to talk to one of the world's richest people sat down to a cup of coffee。
Imagine further, that if the rich to accumulate wealth is by investing just like you do?Still further, if that person is, "Warren" Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) it?What would you ask some questions?You will try to learn something, to completely change your degree of success in the financial world do?Most likely you will feel this kind of thing never happened: how could I sit together with Warren Buffett, but also learn something from him yet?But the fact is that you can,。 Of course, here to say "may" is not the kind of face to face on the traditional coffee with。 However, you can insight from Buffett has said to others, then in his insight。 In fact, Buffett has shared his seven investment advice, we can learn a lot about how to invest wisely in。
Let us learn under the bar。
1."Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing。
"People always say, how much risk there is to invest in stocks。
"Too easy to lose money。
"They will say。
Yes, the stock market is risky indeed。 However, relying on a one day might go bankrupt, or at any time may make you pack up and leave employers, too。 So, how do you manage risk in the stock market it?Buffett gives recommended that you learn to know what they are doing。
The more you understand this, you can do better。
2."Some people have been able to sit in the shade today because they long ago planted a tree。 "Best time investment of a few years ago, the second best time is now。 In other words, time sooner you start investing, the better it。
Do not wait to buy shares in the issue, but wait to buy after the stock appreciation slowly。
3."If you find yourself sitting in the boat is slowly leaking, then change the board is likely to focus on fixing bugs than on the more meaningful。
"Buffett words phrase is 'sunk cost errors', this myth refers to the money that you have already voted on something in the future, it should continue trying to make money using the original investment, even if doing so is risky, but also we need to invest more time and money。
In fact, if you are unfortunate enough to do a bad deal, then the better approach is to calculate their losses, then stop to do something else, rather than forced to devote more resources to attempt comeback。 4."Poll is no substitute for independent thinking。 "What do the latest headlines saw immediately engaged in by the fanatical pursuit of new investment to go, independent thinking is better。 Use their brains to make an informed choice based on your own analysis, should not parroting。 Fives."Some stocks are whether to day can not buy。 "Some stocks never be a good choice, regardless of how the newspaper said, all the same。 Even if your friends hold this stock, also no difference。
Some "deal" is not worth doing, it began to stay away。 6."Buy a great price with the usual (and reasonable) is far stronger than the company with a great (too high) price to buy a normal company," Buffett share the wisdom of this sentence is that investors should focus on is a company itself, rather than the current share price this company。
This is not to say that price is irrelevant, but Buffett emphasized is a good price to buy a lousy company's stock, which is still a bad idea。
You really need to look for is a good company, then buy when the price is also very good。 7."I always knew he would become rich, which never had a doubt。
"For investment, this sentence can be described as noble words, Buffett is holding the mentality to do this investment。
You have to believe in yourself that one day is going to win, maybe not today, maybe not to happen the way you think。
But deep down, you have to believe they will win, it will make everything becomes different。
Adheres to these investment advice, you are sure to succeed。 You have to do is read these recommendations, make their own thinking, and then use them in investment, the result will not let you down。