This skin disease neurodermatitis talked about life, we are all taboo, neurodermatitis brought a lot of pain to the patient, so do the prevention of neurodermatitis in our lives is particularly important critical。So, how to prevent it neurodermatitis should look at the following description together。Neurodermatitis should be how to prevent one, the prevention of neurodermatitis should develop good health habits, attention to personal hygiene, not used hot water and soap and other alkaline detergent scrub。
2, psychological counseling, counseling, can prevent neurodermatitis。
So that patients relaxed state of mind, overcome irritability, anxiety and other adverse psychological factors。
As obvious neurasthenia hypnotic sedative drugs may be administered。
3, try to avoid fish seafood, beef and mutton, spicy foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol and do preventive work neurodermatitis。
4, prevention of neurodermatitis to cut nails to prevent scratching caused by broken, secondary infection。
5, in terms of clothing, underwear should be loose, soft material, in order to better prevent neurodermatitis。6, living without the law, poor sleep, menstrual disorders, indigestion, constipation, etc., if abnormal, to active treatment maintenance, preventive work。7, the use of moisturizing products, itching and skin repair。
Itching, could oral antihistamines such as cetirizine, etc.。
8, preventing neurodermatitis avoid using the creams containing hormones component, to avoid formation of hormone-dependent dermatitis。
Tips: neurodermatitis treatment can be prevented, but if you do not treat a patient for a long time, it is difficult to easily spread of infection, leading to the final nerve dermatitis treatment。
So neurodermatitis patients in life everyone should do their own disease prevention。
A lot of attention to their condition from the diet。
related suggestion。