Some white-collar workers at the office who are living in a day, and every day there is no time to go to fitness training, which is very bad for health, it is recommended you can do some office aerobics, today will introduce some appropriate office to do the basic operation of fitness and aerobics。
White-collar workers eight hours of work time, the body will certainly be sore every day, so the network today night we recommend some simple office aerobics, I hope we can come to learn about!  Fitness-1, sitting on a chair, upper body straight, legs apart, heel, lift the toes, contraction force stepped Department, calf and thigh muscles, leg muscle pain up until。
  2, sitting, heel lift force, his hands may be pressed against the knee, in order to increase the reaction force constant and increase their effect。This exercise can shape the leg line, make legs even more perfect。  3, a relaxation gluteus alternately contraction, 1 min 30 repeat?40 times。This operation can become compact sagging buttocks, hips also eliminate excess fat。  4, the suction abdomen, the number of silent 5 exhale slowly and relax the abdominal muscles, and then inhale abdomen, 1 min 15 repeat?20 times, until the abdominal pain so far。
  5, slowly forced chest。
Open the shoulders back, shoulder blades as far as possible Shoulong, 1 min 25 repeat?30 times, until the shoulder soreness so far。  6, hard fist and then open the arm muscle tension。
This action can beautify the arm lines。
  1 two fitness slowly down forward, the lower jaw as close to the chest, feeling when stretched back muscles, then slowly head looked up, up until the throat muscles tense。Repeat 5 times。  2, soft and forcefully rotated to the right of the head, shoulders remains stationary, drive head turn to the right eye, the eye as far as possible behind the target steering, the steering holding for 5 seconds, turn left, 5 seconds。Repeat 5 times。This method can also relieve headaches due to stress-induced, enhance the flexibility of the neck skin。  3, both his hands on the shoulders, elbows and slowly move up and down, rotating the arm around the shoulder joint。Each 20 times, preferably 3 sets per day。
This method prevents the arm tingling caused due to too tired。
  4, thin waist abdomen movement: the shoulder width to release the knees, back straight chair, contraction of abdominal muscles, shoulder bent waist to drive the back circular arc。When abdominal contraction inhale, exhale to relax。A total of 3 groups of 5 times。  5, leg relaxation exercises: The comfortably back against the chair, slowly straighten the knee, raised his leg, so that both sides of the thigh muscle force, adhere to 15 times a day, there will be very relaxed feeling。Alternating legs do the。  6, calf muscle relaxation exercises: Qi and legs, sit, feet do not leave the ground, try to lift the heel, the foot like a ballet-like elastically move up and down as often as you feel comfortable like。
This exercise will help foot the blood circulation, relieve muscle tension leg。
  Triple action aerobics office above a chair to sit up, very up back, chest open, not leaning back。
Fist with both hands, palms facing up on the waist, chest and shoulders feel completely open, and then straighten your hands, arms until parallel with the keyboard, palm down。
This action can promote blood circulation shoulders, neck and head, for thin boom had a significant effect。  Action II, like action, like a sit up, back straight, this time to sit in the front seat, one-half of a chair。Fixed lower body, twist the waist to the left, the upper body rotation, so that left knee on the right hand, left hand on the back of the waist, then change direction 10 times。
This action generated sedentary waist, back fat has a slim effect。  Action Three sitting in a chair, back straight, hands on thighs。
To drive the waist and chest parallel movement toward the body, holding the other side of this position again move around 5 seconds。  Note that the lower body to relax doing this action, buttocks do not leave the seat。Often to do this action, you will feel the waist and the back are more compact。
  Action Four sitting in a chair, put his hands on his hips at the waist, shoulders, like forward, backward concave abdomen, back arched, neck straight as possible, stretch。
  A few seconds later the back straight, chest straightened, shoulders back clip, neck straight up。Two operation alternately, which can effectively promote metabolism waist and shoulder, accelerate blood circulation。