Banana delicious and nutritious, which you know for sure, but you know what the magical effect?Here we give you introduce magic banana peel and let it waste to treasure。
  Garden Plants Part 1 polished green plants at home looks bleak?Wish to use the rub, the leaves become shiny shiny。  2 If your garden to attract butterflies flowers are waiting for butterflies to pollinate, you can put the pot edge to attract butterflies and birds。
  3 natural fertilizer put a small piece buried in potting soil, the banana peel is rich in many nutrients minerals magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc., conducive to plant growth。  4 ripening fruits are ripening effect, 24 hours can be put together with not fully ripe fruit, we will soon be able to eat the ripe fruit。  Cleaning articles for wiping a wiping shoes with leather, leather, leather sofas and other leather products, leather luster can effectively maintain and prolong life。  2 Wipe the family silver silverware with a long time does not shine, not to worry washed with chemicals, with gently wipe can be restored as new。
  Ink stick accidentally removing ink stains on the hands 3 or skin with soap rub rub afford long time, as the friction with the ink stains, banana peel after the natural oils in combination with the ink can effectively remove stains。
  4 to remove car smell inside the car if there is a bad smell, may wish to put a fresh, do not forget to be changed every day。  Part 1 of medicinal relieve itching summer Zuifan is intolerable itching after mosquito bites, for quick relief, can be used in place of red graze, to prevent swelling and promote healing。  2 prevent frostbite are able to escape the winter cold hands friends every year, each time after washing hands with hot water, rubbing the inside of the hand, can prevent frostbite。
If you already have a gap, banana peel can be rubbed directly at the split, once a few times can be cured。
  60 g of 3 hangover boiled for 10 minutes, cooled drinking, clearing leader can alleviate the symptoms of drunkenness。