One day down, general fatigue, weakness seems to have become many people's normal life。Although it is not a serious illness, but also directly affect the quality of daily life, persistent fatigue also lead to cancer。
Below these types of foods can help you where fatigue eat what, let's get rid of tired every day are full of energy!  Brain fatigue – Nuts office worker workload, from morning to night brain has been in a state of high-speed operation。To reflect a lot of people commuting o'clock on a splitting headache, soul trance。
In addition every hour during working hours, get up and move about, to relax the brain。
  At around 10:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon to eat a walnut, pistachio, almond nuts in this category, they are rich in lecithin, vitamins and trace elements, has a good mental effect repair。   – Millet workers socialize a lot, drinking, smoking, overeating, irregular meal time and so make the stomach hurt。
Millet has the effect of stomach。
Chinese medicine, millet and warm in the stomach role, millet sweet and salty, with heat and thirst, stomach and dehumidification, and stomach sleep and other effects, heat and spleen and stomach were more suitable to eat it。  Some people poor appetite, after eating millet appetizer can stomach, have stomach and digestion, prevent nausea, vomiting effect。
  Cardiac fatigue – asparagus, purple grape juice, and deep-sea fish researchers found that vitamin B and folic acid can reduce homocysteine (which is an inflammation caused by increasing the prevalence of heart disease amino acid) content。
8 steamed asparagus will provide 20 percent of the daily requirement of folic acid。  Purple grape juice contains large amounts of free radicals Bakelite, which is a powerful antioxidant that can cope with harmful heart。  Adhere to a daily 50 grams of fish, can reduce the incidence of heart disease 40%, especially in deep-sea fish to eat better。
  Eye Fatigue – egg yolks, broccoli and sweet potatoes eye like chicken egg yolk, the egg yolk contains as antioxidants carotene, lutein (photooxidation, photo-disruption has a protective effect, but also constitute the main pigment macular region of the human eye。), Zeaxanthin (as optical filters; have a direct impact on the metabolism and function of the eye, but also because of the necessity of oxygen pressure at high light intensity and visual impairment has caused infant immunization) are holding eyes "Musical"。