Fruit Slim Black Deception Recipe

Fruit Slim Black Deception Recipe

Is this really the case?

Xiaobian here to unveil the truth of the “eight recipes” of fruit weight loss and beauty, let you understand: fruit is a good thing, not a panacea, over-reliance on fruit, not only can not lose weight and beauty, it may also harm your health.

  Remedy 1: To lose weight quickly, is it effective to eat banana and honey?

  Banana plasma glucose fibers can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and help excretion.

If you do n’t eat anything, just eat banana and honey, the conversion is much lower than that of a normal meal, and you will naturally lose weight.

However, such a rapid weight loss, the body often produces adverse reactions due to poor adjustment.

If you live on bananas for a long time and your body lacks specific nutrients such as protein and minerals, your body will slowly send out a danger alert.

  Recipe 2: Can replacing some meals of the day with grapefruit help to lose weight?

  Grapefruit vitamins, vitamin C, and sugar are not high. If you eat grapefruit instead of a meal, the conversion is of course low. If the conversion of other meals is also properly controlled, you will naturally lose weight later.

However, if you are weak, it is best to eat a few high-fiber soda crackers to prevent gastrointestinal pain caused by the acidity that may be unbearable on an empty stomach.

  Remedy 3: Is there a lemon vinegar on the market, can it be beautiful?

  Hitting citrate with vitamins can reduce the incidence of freckles and dark spots, and has some whitening effects.

Lemon and vinegar also have a small effect of decomposition, a small drink after meal does make yourself more beautiful.

However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high, and drinking on an empty stomach or drinking too much can hurt your stomach.

  Recipe 4: Can I continue to lose weight by eating “Apple Meals”?

  Apples are low-calorie, high-nutrition fruits, which is why many people use them to make weight-loss meals.

You know, apples have a much lower conversion than normal meals, and of course they will lose weight, but in the long run, imbalances in nutrition will change the body, and once you stop, your weight will slowly rise.

  Recipe 5: Are guava and tomato the only fruits included in diet meals prepared by nutritionists?

  The weight loss spectrum listed by a dietitian is adjusted according to each person’s different physiques and needs, and it is not static, and the fruits that are matched vary from person to person.

Therefore, it is definitely not only guava and tomato that will be included in the weight loss menu.

  Recipe 6: Can pineapple enzymes beautify and beauty, but also help digestion?

  Pineapple vitamin B1 can promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, rich in fiber, and make digestion smoother.

If you like to eat pineapple, you can eat it after meals. Do not eat when the stomach bag is empty, otherwise it will be easily damaged by enzymes.

  Recipe 7: Can eating avocado achieve the perfect weight loss effect?

  Avocado contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which can easily make people feel full, and it can become a weight loss for a short time. It does have a slimming effect, but it cannot be restored to a normal diet at once.

In addition, although avocado contains plant-based aunts, if you eat too much, the cumulative conversion is also considerable.

  Recipe 8: Can eating papaya increase breasts?

  There is no basis for this statement.

In addition to innate genetic factors and acquired nutrition, it is unlikely that the breasts will grow larger by eating papaya.

It is true that papaya really has the effect of promoting milk secretion for postpartum women.