Beautiful nine beats beautiful bonus points!


Beautiful nine beats beautiful bonus points!

Skin care is not a matter of taking care of your skin care products. There are many steps to pay attention to before and after skin care products.

Follow these beautiful nine beats and help your beauty count!


Clean your face moderately. Washing your face too much will damage the acidic environment that keeps your face wet. If you have dry skin, a large amount of water loss will cause facial redness and allergies. If you have oily skin, the oil secretion systemExcited due to irritation.

Dermatologists recommend that you wash your face with a cleansing milk only at night, and use cold water to pat your face in the morning, and use a moisturizing lotion in the morning and evening (if you have oily skin, use an oil-free formula).

But if you do exercise during the day, you can clean your face after exercise.


Eye shadows that are suitable for daytime are dull. Makeup artists recommend that you use light gold or light silver eye shadows to decorate your eyes, because these two colors match the light of the day and make your whole body look radiant.


Let the light lip gloss enrich your lips and use the same color as the eye color. The dark lip gloss makes the lips look less plump and cute. To get touching cherry lips, the makeup artist recommends that you use a light pink series that is close to nature or mix the colors first.Then apply on lips.


Before removing the eyebrows, please arrange the eyebrow shape. The makeup artist recommends that you fix a good-looking eyebrow shape before you remove the eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow brush to carefully comb the eyebrows up. You will find that the eyebrows closest to the bridge of the nose are the longest. Use small scissors.Cut off the extra eyebrows to make them tidy and natural from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. Then use a small comb to comb the eyebrows in the direction of the temple, cut off the extra eyebrows, and finally use the eyebrow pliers to remove the broken eyebrows beyond the eyebrow line.


Concerned about the pH value of the product The pH value refers to the pH of the product. For example, when the pH value is 1, the acidity is the highest, otherwise the alkaline value is high.

The skin is generally weakly acidic with a pH of 5.


Between 5.

The low pH products that we usually use that contain vitamin C have higher acidity, which will destroy the naturally occurring skin and can maintain its smooth, elastic enzyme.

As the pH of the product is generally not stated, experts suggest that you remain skeptical of the statement that vitamin C can tighten the skin.


Even if makeup already contains sunscreen ingredients, you still need to use sunscreen. No matter how old you are, every woman wants to be beautiful all the time, but do you take care of your neck, chest, ears?

Most likely not.

And you can’t soak in makeup all day.

To prevent sun damage, experts recommend that you apply SPF15’s oil-free sunscreen or moisturizer to your face and other exposed skin.


Master your bathing time When your bathing time is no more than 15 minutes, only a small amount of moisturizing factor is evaporated from the skin; if the bathing time is more than 20 minutes, because the pores are fully stretched, the skin completely receives the replenishment of water, and it is good for skin care such as lotionsProduct absorption.

The problem is that when your bath time is 15-20 minutes, the skin moisture evaporates faster than it can be absorbed, and the skin will feel dry and tight after bathing.

Therefore, when choosing a bathing time, do not take a “moderate” attitude!


Keep your skin clean. Wash your hands before using skin care products.

Each time you put your hand into a cream or make-up box or other box, you bring bacteria to the product. If you do this for a long time, a large accumulation of bacteria can cause skin damage: redness, like skin allergies.

Therefore, please wash your hands before using skin care products or make-up, if possible, it is better to use products with individual packaging or tube.


Disposable packaging of eye cream The delicate skin around the eyes absorbs moisture easily (moisture is the basic ingredient contained in most moisturizing products), so the eye area can easily swell and swell.

However, this part of the skin cells is mainly nourishing and nourishing. Experts recommend that you supplement the eye cream with separate oil supplements to nourish the skin around the eyes.