Dongting Lake, a thousand acres of lotus boat on the lake

Dongting Lake, a thousand acres of lotus boat on the lake

Six Moon Point: Thousands of acres of lotus flowers, recommended on the boating lake: Dongting Lake in June, the temperature is suitable, the rain is rich, the water level is high, the smoke is vast, the water and the sky are all right, it is suitable for boating on the lake, feeling the coolness of the near waterAnd hydrophilic comfort.

Moreover, there are many historical sites around the Dongting Lake, such as Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island, etc., and even go to the thousand acres of lotus flowers to enjoy the fragrance of the lotus.

  Leisure play: Dongting Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the country, with vast expanse of smoke and water.

Moreover, the vicinity of Binhu is also beautiful, with many places of interest, such as Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island and so on.

Now is the most suitable early summer season for Dongting Lake. You can take a boat ride on the lake and enjoy the vastness of the smoke and the beauty of the water and the sky.

Known as the “first water in the world”, Dongting Lake looks at the lake on the boat and is full of joy and joy.

Dongting Lake is also an important wetland protection site for high blood pressure. In the winter, hundreds of migratory birds can be seen. In the early summer season, groups of egrets can glides on the water surface, and various birds such as water ducks swimming on the lake can be seen.

In addition, you can’t miss the Sanjiangkou in the Dongting Lake. The Xiangjiang River, the Jingjiang River and the Lancang River join the rolling Yangtze River here. The water is raging and the reward is open-minded.

  Visiting Dongting Lake, there are many places of interest nearby, and the 1780-year-old Yueyang Tower has attracted countless scholars from ancient times to visit.

Under the shade of trees by the lake, the yellow general crown at the top of Yueyang Tower is also very beautiful, especially attractive.

Qingyan is along the lakeside, not far from the lotus flower, the blue water ripples.

Among them, the most attractive is to board the Yueyang Tower and look at the Dongting Lake. The lake is full of changes, the smoke is vast, the water and the sky are all the same, and the scene is extremely shocking.

In addition, there are the beautiful mountains of Junshan Island and the Qulu River on the banks of the Miluo River.

Junshan and Yueyang Tower are located far away from each other. It is located in the East Dongting Lake. It is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. The island also has two tombs, Liuyijing, Langyi Pavilion and other famous monuments, and produces the well-known Chinese and foreign famous tea “silver needles”.

Qu Zizhen was built on the banks of the Jurassic River on the shore of the Dongting Lake. It was built to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. The poet Qu Yuan wrote the glorious poems such as “Nine Songs” and “Li Sao” here, which deserves to be tasted by future generations.

  Associate play method: If you want to really experience the smog of the Dongting Lake, the shocking scene of the water and the sky, of course, you must board the Yueyang Tower.

Standing on the window of the Yueyang Tower, the vast waves of the Dongting Lake vessels are like weaving, blue sky, white sail, blue waves, and gull birds.

On the Junshan Island, which is far from the Yueyang Tower, it is a beautiful scenery with a beautiful show.

There are 15 kinds of exotic bamboos on Junshan Island. The most distinctive one is the bamboo. The branches are usually decorated with a circle of purple patterns. It seems like a drop of tears, and the bamboo is named after it.

At dusk, you can also visit the antique style street along the lake, the river, overlooking the Yangtze River, the scattered Qingshitai Road, the melodious guqin, let you experience another unique charm of this antique street.

Yueyang’s journey to the green must be tasted by the authentic Dongting Lake on the lakeside.

  Information Gas Station Transportation: Take the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway and take more than 2 hours from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Yueyang Station.

Take the No. 2 or No. 9 bus to Yueyang Tower at Yueyang Railway Station, and take a boat tour of Dongting Lake at Chenglingji Port of Yueyang Tower.

  Suitable for: If you want to live in Dongting Lake, choose Yueyang Hotel.

Jindu Hotel is also good, it is located in the center of Yueyang, the traffic is very convenient.

  Gourmet: Dongting Lake is the most delicious local cuisine, and many tourists come here.

Among them, Yinyutang is the most delicious dish in Dongting Lake, and it is a must-try for hackers.