Attractions: Can rubbing your mind help you to worry?

Attractions: Can rubbing your mind help you to worry?

Does anyone find out that when we make a mistake or occasionally get confused, our hands can’t help rubbing our brains, and we open them in a short while.

Experts explained that this is a scientific principle!

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that massaging the forehead and incorporating Rendu’s pulses, blood, and meridians to unblock the brain, thereby awakening the effect of refreshing the brain and strengthening the body.

In particular, the two external meridian points “Temple” (located in the outer concave of the eyebrows) and “Yintang Point” (located in the middle of the line connecting the two eyebrows) can adjust and improve the nervous and mental systems.

In addition, following the principle of meridian massage, it is not necessary to accurately confirm the acupoints. You only need to knead and press on the relevant parts to function accordingly.

  Experts suggest that in specific operations, you must first adjust your body posture and sit and stand, but you must be straight, your spine straight, your chest closed, your mood stable, and your concentration.

Then, rub the palms of your hands and apply the palms of your palms for more than ten seconds to eliminate visual fatigue.

Then press the palm of your left hand against the forehead, rub the up and down part of the forehead between the double temples, about 50 times, and then change the right hand to do the same.

From slow to fast, the forehead is hot.

Generally after finishing, you can make people feel refreshed and energetic.

  This simple method of rubbing foreheads is suitable for all ages, and can be adhered to for a long time. It can activate the blood circulation of the brain and increase the blood supply to the brain.

  So if you encounter a headache in the future, you might as well rub your brain, maybe you will have a trick next second!