How high is the index for measuring your love at first sight?

How high is the index for measuring your love at first sight?

If you receive the Mo_Ming’s wonderful E_mail love letter, without signature, and without the recipient, with beautiful words and rich emotions, which will make you very emotional, what will you do?


Waiting silently for the next B.

Reply to ask C.

Reply to the letter D in the announcement.

Leave it alone and return the answer analysis: A.

You are a little passive, afraid of being rejected, and would rather sit and wait, than you can raise the courage to express your heart.

If the other party does not respond, you will not dare to take the initiative, and you always have “get it, I am lucky; no, I am dead.

The destiny concept, opened the opportunity to let go.


You’re reserved for love at first sight, but you won’t shut the door.

I hope I can proceed step by step and carefully explore the way forward to avoid hurting myself.


On the road to feelings, you are very ambitious, able to be proactive and bold in courtship.

Although not every time you fall in love at first sight, you can win a battle. At least the determination and courage to go to the battlefield of love has made the other party dare not to ignore you.


You are always careful about people from unknown sources, and you don’t want anyone to enter your world.

You built the wall so high that only people who play according to your game rules will have the opportunity to break into your solid atrium, so falling in love at first sight is an impossible task for you.