Instructions for use of barrier-related knowledge

Instructions for use of barrier-related knowledge

Female friends must have some understanding of the barrier cream, so how much do you know about the role of the barrier cream, what does the barrier cream do, and what is the use of the barrier cream, let’s take a look at the role of the barrier cream together.

  Many friends will apply a layer of cream before the foundation, which, like its name, helps to isolate the skin from external pollution.

Let Xiaobian lift the mystery of the barrier cream for you today, tell everyone what the barrier cream does, and master the correct usage of the barrier cream.

  The role of the barrier cream Regarding the role of the barrier cream, too many friends would think that the barrier cream has the function of shielding ultraviolet rays. This is actually due to its sunscreen effect.

In fact, blocking UV rays is not a unique feature of a barrier cream.

The added sunscreen ingredients are the same as those in sunscreens, and are mainly divided into organic sunscreens and physical sunscreens.

Organic sunscreens are mainly used to change the wavelength of ultraviolet rays, so that the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin can pass through harmlessly; the main principle of physical sunscreen is to block ultraviolet rays through the principle of refraction.

  The barrier cream actually prevents a protective effect. It is said that makeup and very colorful makeup all contain chemical ingredients, which can easily cause damage to the skin. At this time, the role of the barrier cream is to establish a barrier between the makeup and the skin.Prevent the use of makeup to cause damage to the skin.

  The second function of the barrier cream is to prevent sunscreen and pollute the air. Generally, the barrier cream contains sunscreen ingredients, which has a protective effect on the skin. Is it very strong in the skin in winter? The quality of air in cities is really uncomfortable, Can also prevent air pollution from causing damage to the skin.

  The third role of the barrier cream is to achieve a certain degree of radiation protection. This is very important for people who work in front of the computer. At this stage, the computer can be expanded, but it is not very good for electromagnetic radiation.The countermeasure, the barrier cream can achieve a certain anti-radiation effect is just very valuable. For those OLs who are continuously facing the computer, the skin is likely to cause aging, pigmentation and other conditions. At this time, use the barrier cream to resistRadiation is a good method.

  Precautions Cobalt should be more careful when removing makeup.

The cream contains more than a sunscreen, and a large amount of toner with a touch-up effect is added, so you can’t be lazy when removing makeup.

After using makeup remover, cleanse with cleanser again to restore the skin’s ability to breathe freely.

  Isolation cream effect 1.

Isolating makeup and showing people makeup every day will directly lead to blurred skin and lack of healthy luster, loose skin texture and breeding of acne. The use of isolation cream before makeup is to provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin and to form a defense against the external attack of the Royal Familyfront”.
  Actually, cream is an important step to protect cosmetics and protect the skin.

If you do not apply foundation cream, it will give foundation to block skin damage of pores, and it is also easily replaced by the foundation commonly known as “eat”.

  But do n’t think that as long as you apply a barrier cream, everything is OK. If you do n’t remove your makeup carefully and clean it, your skin will also suffer.


Sun protection, isolation of dirty air, some skin hazards are difficult to avoid, unless you are even facing the sky, you can not avoid UV and air pollutants.

The second major function of the barrier cream is to block these two irresistible natural factors.

  Some barrier creams do not have sun protection and can only have a “dust-proof” effect.

But most barrier creams have a certain sun protection index, so they have a certain anti-ultraviolet function.

First of all, the SPF15 cream can deal with daily sun protection.


To adjust the color and texture of different skin types, a different color of cream is required to adjust the skin tone.

Specific skin texture can refer to the following description.

  Different color isolation green barrier creams for different skin types are suitable for reddened skin and acne skin.

The greens and blues that contrast with reddish skin make skin more susceptible to fairness.

  Purple cream is suitable for yellowish and pale skin.

The yellowish skin is too dull and the retina is coated with purple cream to brighten the skin spots.

  Related knowledge—purple and green sepals. In chromatics, the complementary color of purple is yellow, so purple has the most neutralizing effect on yellow.

Its role is to make the skin appear healthy and bright, with white and reddish colors.

Suitable for normal skin, slightly yellowish skin.

  ⒉ In green chromatics, the complementary color of green is red!

Green cream can neutralize the excessive redness on the face, making the skin appear bright and white.

In addition, it is possible to effectively reduce the obvious degree of acne marks.

Suitable for reddened and acne-prone skin.  Anti-radiation For the OL who needs to face the computer for a long time, without proper protection, the skin is prone to pigmentation, fine lines and premature aging.

Isolating creams against computer radiation is a good way. Most of them are rich in antioxidants and high-concentration nutritional moisturizing ingredients, such as green tea ingredients, pure vitamin E, etc.Prevent the skin from premature aging, so that the skin has complete protection under the thin care, so that the skin becomes safe and relaxed when facing the computer.

  Now, presumably everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the role of the barrier cream. The barrier cream is still relatively common in our lives. I hope the above article will be helpful to everyone, and I wish you a healthy skin.Oh.