The morning, what do you thing the top?Suddenly leave grooming, still stay in bed playing mobile phone?From the beginning tomorrow, after the early morning to try to do the following five things, will harvest the effectiveness of disease prevention and life extension。  5:00 habit helps longevity stretch the body, promote blood circulation。  When you stand up, you can stretch your body, breathing breathing, not only can increase your oxygen uptake, but also effectively stretch your muscles, blood circulation through the body, your muscles full of vitality make you feel tired disappearance。
  Good brushing three minutes。
  Many people do not care when brushing your teeth, easy to bacterial growth, tooth decay, we advise you to brush your teeth to ensure three minutes, to ensure that the cleaning intensity, not just in the morning, brush your teeth before going to sleep at night but also。
If you do not brush your teeth properly, the chance of suffering from periodontal disease will rise。
  After getting up drink a glass of warm water。
  A night of sleep and breathing the body lack of water。At this point, you need to add water, allowing the body to start the metabolism。After getting up drink a cup of warm water, can accelerate gastrointestinal circulation, eliminate toxins in the liver and kidney, prevent constipation。
  Eat a good breakfast。  Many people used to eat breakfast, but the body has gone through a night of consumption, it is already an empty stomach, you need to replenish their energy, but this time do not eat breakfast, because the diet, you will not increase the fat, in fact, you can reduce your lunch, dinner。
  No breakfast can accelerate weight loss, and likely to cause stones, so breakfast is a must eat。
  Breakfast should be high-quality protein, carbon and water-based foods, such as eggs, milk, whole grains, soy milk and rice pudding, and refused fritters and pancakes。
Proper breakfast diet can provide you with a variety of nutrients, enhance the body resistance, make you live longer。  Morning defecation。
  Develop a morning bowel habits, to clean up waste and toxins, intestinal cleaning。
Even if there is no morning bowel habits, fixed time every day to squatting a squat, will form a bowel habits。  Longevity is something everyone wants, but to live a really long, hard to say, the difficulty is with improving the lives of many people's eating habits and habits have changed, the worsening of their health。
  Everyone wants to live longer, but after getting precautions can help us to better achieve the goal of longevity, I hope each of us can do the things mentioned above to facilitate the extension of our life and health。

  Under continuous heat up this weekend and early next week, most of the country will welcome the warm surge, although the process will fluctuate slightly, but will not reverse the trend, consistent with the warm。 Then from the northwest, north to south temperature will rise to the ranks of 20 ℃, some places even more than 25 ℃, especially in the north of the Yangtze River, temperatures will again be a large area to refresh a new high this year, by more than warm south。
  Capital cities, the cumulative heating up by more than 10 ℃ abound, including Beijing 24-28 daily maximum temperature stabilized at above 20 ℃, spring is getting stronger; Zhengzhou, the 27th or the temperature of 30 ℃, the north could become the first this year a broken temperature of 30 ℃ capital city, the perennially topped 30 ℃ date is April 25 this year, nearly a month ahead of schedule。   Not only during the day and warm at night minimum temperature will be rising, like Beijing 24-28 minimum temperature will be stable at 5 ℃, the lowest temperature along the Yangtze River will also benefit from heated to about 15 ℃ this morning less than 5 ℃。   Warm can be expected, who can not stop the arrival of spring, including Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan and other places, including the central and southern North China area is expected to open on weekends process Ruchun。
Pre large fluctuations in temperature, Ruchun failure of the Huang-Huai area, will move to the spring again。 To draw attention to the timely adjustment of the dress, to guard against the cold, and appropriate increase in outdoor sports, physical fitness。

  US Mission taxi minimum consumption is 13 yuan Shanghai in Shanghai, the user opens the US group, the US group taxi, after the public comment APP, you can see at home, "the US group taxi" entry。 After locating the starting position of the user information, you can choose taxi or express train service。 US Mission taxi also provides users with a key and call the shuttle and taxi service。
  Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw, valuation rules the US group Express are: mileage fee + duration fees, mileage fee yuan / km, duration charges at different times according to Yuan / min to 1 yuan / minute range, minimum consumption of 13 yuan。
In addition, the dynamic price adjustment Express also follow the rules, when in peak periods and less around the driver, or the driver from the case of your distant, in order to facilitate the transaction, encourage drivers to faster orders, orders appropriate platform will increase, increase the amount of all to the driver, while the increase has capped limit。   In the passenger terminal, currently the US group launched the "three every single single down 14 yuan," "each invite a friend into a single, you can get 50 yuan coupons package" and other concessions, concessions users to share a link to friends, friends and click after 14 days of the completion of the US group's first single express train hit the car, you can get 50 yuan coupons。
  A year ago, the US group to enter the taxi industry in Nanjing。
Late last year, the US group side said that since the pilot in Nanjing 10 months, the US group taxi Division already has a team of more than 200 people, the daily orders has over 10 million single。
  Independent Internet analyst Ding Road division of Beiqing Bao told reporters that US corporations can enter Shanghai, before the description of the pilot made some advantage, so gradually open more cities。
Soon the US group will enter more cities, and other car companies about net positive fight。
  Watch taxi service combined with the dining and entertainment the main industry is particularly noteworthy that Shanghai users in the US Mission to search for local catering business information, but also directly through the "taxi" entry merchant main page, jump to the taxi service, without manual input from start address, which will be dining and entertainment scene with a taxi service combines。
  US group said, the US group is closely related to a taxi with the US group's core business reviews provide life services。
Senior vice president of the US group reviews, travel division president Wang Huiwen represent a taxi service from the user demand-driven, the US group reviews daily active users million out there is the need to travel 30%。
US group is one-stop "eat, drink line" platform, about car business network enables users to easily achieve the "eat, drink line"。 This is also the US group to do the driving force behind a taxi。 When a user purchases a restaurant coupon on public comment, the US group, when the user is traveling, to travel to the station ready to go to the hotel, when the user selected a seat on the cat's eye, preparing to go to the cinema, you can go directly to a taxi without further software switch input address information, a station will be able to travel。
  Focus drawn into a low net impact of policy about how much car market aspects of the US delegation, said the driver registered in the Shanghai area, you can enjoy open station within three months of "zero drawn into"。 Earlier in Nanjing to draw drivers to be 8% lower than the previous industry average of 20% of the amount pumped into the。
  Currently the US Mission in Nanjing taxi drivers to smoke to only 8%。 US group side said: "The reason the proportion of relatively low rake is that we believe that a taxi service platform partial property, the platform side but provide a trading platform for matching information。 In other words, from a car, hire a driver and then put consumers back home about it, do not own platform。
Because the platform is relatively light, we do not have to think rake is too high, it should be a more reasonable level in this industry。 "In addition In addition, the US group taxi drivers combined with different operating circumstances set a different reward rules to meet the needs of different drivers run single。 For germination to reward full-time drivers, for example, is divided into fare award, prize ladder and bi-weekly awards, such as when a driver ran a full cycle of the single fare of 2,200 yuan, you can get 800 yuan reward。 Outstanding driver, but also apply for the Raptors to participate in activities prize, after promotion to become a successful driver Raptors。
Raptors award greater than the bud Award rewards efforts。
  In this regard, the Internet observers to Beiqing Bao Ge A reporter said, the US group to take a taxi only 8% of the low pumping into policies for drivers not only need their own courage and confidence for the entire network about the car market, but also as good a shocker。 US Mission in APP itself, there are network about cars demand a significant number of naturally occurring, the US group taxi only need to provide appropriate services to meet those needs on the line, this way-acquisition costs can be basically negligible, neither subsidies, we do not have drainage , which is mainly formed by 8% low commission。
  A Ge said the impact of competitors it is very large, a few years ago did not earn back the huge subsidies, the cost is very high acquisition (CPA), all of a sudden out of a raked 8% to 20% of direct blow to rival his own, which taste upset。 Next, rake the proportion of competitors or lower, or they will face the loss of a driver's situation, and the driver lost often means the loss of service capabilities, ultimately resulting in the loss of users。
"Of course, above all for consumers awesome, we are happy to see。
"Chase group visit Beijing taxi landing undetermined reported that the US group a taxi to get to the end of June last year about the car business network online service capabilities found in Shanghai, while Shanghai won the license to operate a taxi reservation network。
  In late December, the US group APP in seven cities across the country to promote access to taxi links, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen。
At that time the slogan was "reported full 200,000, immediately open the station", in Beijing overwhelming response with a time of about 10 days, they reported at least 20 people。 Later, however, said the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission, the US Mission in Beijing application had not yet been carried out about the car business network, does not have the business qualifications in the network about cars。 As for the specific time to enter the Beijing market, at present there was no response from the US group。
  Text / reporter Jing Wen。

  September 2017, a time when Mr. Song received a phone call when there is intention to purchase, saying in line with reason to enjoy the auto financing company car conditions, can apply for "zero down payment car loans," because of the relative economic constraints, that the phone hit song Mr. hearts on。
5 days later, Mr. Song and auto finance company's business came 4S shop for car loan formalities, in accordance with the prior deliberation, auto finance companies will be transferred to Wan Song for a down payment。
  After a few days later, Mr. Song in the auto finance company staff, who came to the 4S shop for car lift procedures, the successful completion of the relevant procedures, the other party has to go through relevant procedures in order to drive off the grounds。
Since then, the company asked Mr. Song repeatedly to mention cars, are being shirk a variety of reasons。
Song then went to the auto finance company to negotiate, but found that the company was gone, was hit by the contact told to mention cars to 230,000 as conditions。
  So far, Mr. Song realized suffered a scam, immediately to the Ming Hua Guoyuan Public Security Bureau police station。
The police combed, since September 2017 Hua Guoyuan police station received more than similar situation with Mr. Soong's report, the victims were "Yongchi auto finance", "financial management share purchase cars," the two companies to handle " zero down payment "car loans as a gimmick, fraud。
  Police investigations revealed that six suspects with "zero down payment" for the temptation of car loans has helped more than ten people。
After the client application, auto finance companies responsible for the down payment, the completion of formalities to mention cars, followed by the perpetrators who find reasons to drive away, and then take it to sell。 When the customer mention car, is to ask for a sum of money, or not to mention cars。
  Police investigators told reporters that the sky did not fall out of a good thing, because it is "zero down payment car", many victims can not get the car did not feel that they have nothing to lose so not to pursue, but over time the bank received a reminder when the loan, only to realize that they cheated。   Currently, six suspects had been under criminal detention by the police, the case is under further investigation。 (Finish)。

  Lotte Duty Free is one of the largest duty-free shops in Korea, there are currently eight store in Korea。
Which is located in Incheon Airport Branch offers perfume and cosmetics counters, the airport is the largest cosmetics shop。   Lotte Group, a senior manager on the 4th revealed that, due to the stores can not afford the high rents airport operator, the company is considering the withdrawal store。 This executive said: "Lotte Duty Free is to carefully consider matters relating to withdraw shop from Incheon International Airport, the airport unless it can significantly reduce the rent。
We have repeatedly requested to reduce the rent。
"This is the first time disclosed the Lotte Duty Free Shop intention to withdraw。 This press executives say, is considered the main reason for the withdrawal store outlets sharp drop in performance, unable to pay rent under the previous contract。
  2015, Lotte Duty Free Shop and Incheon International Airport operator signed a five-year contract。
According to this contract, Lotte Duty Free Shop in five years should pay a total of more than 4 trillion won (about 23.1 billion yuan) of the rent。
Among them, from September 2020 to August, Lotte Duty Free Shop shall pay 75% of the amount above。
  By Lotte Duty Free's views, located in Incheon Airport Branch has been in a state of non-profit company set up where the owner if the value of its symbolic significance。 With the substantial reduction of Chinese tourists to Korea, Lotte Duty Free second quarter operating loss amounted to 29.8 billion won (100 million yuan)。   [Fear rise to a "closed shop tide"] industry observers believe that once the Lotte Duty Free Shop withdrawn from the Incheon International Airport, other duty-free shops may also be followed, lead to "closed shop tide"。
  In fact, long before the intention to withdraw shop Lotte Duty Free Shop revealed that some of the airport duty-free shops have barely。
Hanwha Group's grid Aurelia duty-free due to operational difficulties, has decided to withdraw from the store in South Korea Jeju International Airport。 In addition, Incheon Airport Terminal Duty Free area were bid in April this year, the fashion accessories sector actually nobody cares, so the industry shouted accident。   Last week, the head of a number of collective duty-free shops to Incheon Airport operator "forcing", requires reducing airport rent。
According to South Korean media say, in the dismal performance of duty-free shops, the Incheon airport operator did not lose last year won one trillion won (7.5 billion yuan) profit, of which nearly 66% of the profits from rent。   However, in a duty-free bigwigs "discount" requirement, Incheon airport operator did not give in。
A person responsible for the airport 4 responded that Incheon airport duty-free shops will not give direct reduced rent。 (Zhang Jing) (special feature articles Xinhua News Agency)。

The stock traded today ranked No. 11 in the transaction, and the East Ling International Similarly, it is all the way up, but soon after the same adjustment "short covering", especially August 24 share price fell rapidly, and is heavy volume fell, although the next day the stock price continued to fall, but the quantitative data show that "short covering" short short description does not constitute a threat, after the stock price is getting stronger。 Now grasp the opportunity, is to focus on two, one is going up early, one is all the way up, the former will certainly weaken it with short power, in other words, the more continuous "short covering" the more down trend to end, while the latter is certainly everyone wants to participate but was worried about high hold, so the safest is to grasp the moment to adjust the position of its end, the same thing with "short covering" as a symbol, so this time I caught this also caught a lot, so this passage of time, we can pay more attention to individual stocks change hands quantitative data。 (→→ ←←)。

  Sina Finance News August 11 news, European stock markets last night across the board sell, A shares spared。
Index opened sharply lower in early trading three, then all the way down the main stock index, the day could not organize a decent counter, in one fell swoop close to the half line, its biggest one-day drop this year, and the end of week seven with Yang line。 Chong refers to the slightly stronger performance, many times intraday meteoric rise, but the late burdened by stock index diving will turn green, weekly barely received red。 Resource stocks changed after a strong, collective sharp sell。 At the close, stock index reported, down%, the highest index reported, down%。
  Judging from the disk, the male security concept New only gone against the tide meteoric rise, steel, coal, nonferrous metal plate decreases ranking the forefront。   Hot plate: Resource stocks tumbled today as the culprit, stocks hit bottom to get together。 Steel plate in ,,,,, five stocks hit bottom, and so close to the limit ,,,, 6 shares fell more than 8%。
  In the coal sector hit bottom ,, ,, close to the limit, and other six stocks fell more than 8%, only an adverse economic meteoric rise within the plate。
  Non-ferrous metal plate in ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, eight stocks daily limit, 11 stocks fell more than 9 percent, close to the limit。
  News: 1, Wuhan published September price policy, specific adjustments as follows: wire, galvanized up 300 / ton; steel sheet pile profile up 170 yuan / ton; rolled up 350 yuan / ton; E steel heavy plate, steel pickling special steel, cold roll steel, automotive, galvanized up 400 yuan / ton; carbon steel cold roll up 500 yuan / ton; oriented silicon steel up 600 yuan / ton。
  2, TDI offer 33,562 yuan / ton, up rose%。
TDI shift the domestic market on the wide, manufacturers offer continue to increase the release of positive, continued tight supply-side traders reluctant to sell drying up, downstream inquiry is acceptable smooth trading。   3, glyphosate rose 500 yuan / ton today, an increase of%。
Glyphosate suppliers continue to stop entertained report, to the mainstream market yuan / ton, high-end transaction price to individual yuan / ton。
Domestic suppliers to reduce environmental load under heavy pressure, combined with inventory reduction, support the market reluctant to sell heavier mood。 Considering the September market season, do not rule out the possibility of prices continue to rise。   4, according to Wikipedia information, neodymium oxide, praseodymium prices rose 4 percent today, praseodymium neodymium metal prices today rose 3% last week rose more than 2 percent。 Continue to increase offer on the market, praseodymium, neodymium difficult transaction, metal praseodymium neodymium increase transaction prices, the business outlook remains positive。 Currently neodymium oxide, praseodymium reported 50-52 yuan / ton, some businesses offer higher metal praseodymium neodymium sharply upwards to 65-67 yuan / ton, the downstream NdFeB purchase orders increased, leading to a sharp rise in metal praseodymium neodymium。   5, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes domestic price increases, the market performance of tight resources, graphite electrode prices today rose%。   Outlook Preview: Jufeng investment adviser believes, technically, under the broader market pullback, short-term down to around 3200 points to the recent upward trend and the lower edge, where overlay support upfront capital or slightly stabilized base。
Overall, today's decline, in addition to Steel Association statement caused by cyclical stocks fell, the geo-political situation is tense, the external market decline is a major factor, but excluding these, the index already has a callback needs, but these factors big space and time callback。 Recently, the market dropped 3300 points Difficult occasion, but continuous media A foreign stocks, seems to be signs of bargain-hunting, and now I had a good economic performance, steady recovery in corporate performance, structural market is expected to continue for the better prices。
In this context, the index callback space is more limited, the market plunge is often a good opportunity for bargain-hunting, continue to focus on oversold, stagflation and small cap stocks have performance support, at the same time, grasp the big spending, structural opportunities cyclical stocks。
  AVIC Securities believes that the stock index fell today and July 17 is different, the core focus fell across board early, marking the motherboard market will come to an end, post-market after a period of consolidation, re-birth of a new hot spot, but in the short term or to see more than move, to avoid the risk-based。

What are the benefits of push-ups can be said to be the most simplest method for physical exercise, I believe almost all people know how to do push-ups, push-ups but I am afraid about the benefits we all just get to know it。 Following small for everyone to talk about the benefits of push-ups, it can not only train the muscles oh!The benefits of push-ups within the normal curve of the spine which ease the daily life, including sit down under, including a lot of action, will affect the back, in the spine can cause a variety of curved reduce back and spine problems, are particularly vulnerable to lead to disc disease (swelling and prominent), so that sick pain, unable to live a normal life。 In fact, this situation is completely avoidable, as long as we do some push-ups in their daily lives, can effectively improve the upper limbs, chest, back and abdominal muscles to help restore normal within a curved spine, swelling and prevent disc highlight, completely get rid of the pain problems。
Other benefits of push-ups can help us to strengthen the upper body strength, as well as back and waist forces。 Many people waist forces are not enough, you want to have a muscular physique more difficult, but practice push-ups can have such an effect。
In addition, practice push-ups can accelerate blood circulation, improve lung capacity, physical fitness will be lifted on this basis。
Often do push-ups can make people feel relaxed, energetic, better put to work and study; in addition, push-ups can eliminate body fat, help lose weight。
The benefits of exercise intensity push-ups push-ups in which to feel a little tired or tired prevail。
Week 3?4 times 3?4 groups, each 15?30 times, rest between sets 1?2 minutes。
If doing push-ups are very difficult to be in the horizontal plane and 45 ° of start practicing, then slowly moved to the stairs and floor, along with enhanced power, you can put your feet up on the ground to improve the level of difficulty。
What, do not move too fast, to avoid muscle injury caused by sports injuries。
Women push-ups during practice, because of their physical characteristics restrictions, exercise should be gradual, not deliberate pursuit of the perfect action leading to muscle injury。 Depending on their circumstances exercise every day, not strictly limit the number of。 What are the disadvantages of push-ups。

Friends close to me, the iron gate was opened immediately drilled out when a person can go out of the width, and went straight shouted: "dawn came to me, I talk to you, do not take you sister to!"I have friends in the back, off the iron gate, then back to the room lying next to her sister to sleep in。 Shuibao, of course I want to find friends Wengeqingchu。
Friends still very scared and said: "You know?1:00 I will stand up to the toilet, and people see your sister in dialogue, but also draw the feet than hands。 "I said:" You talk nonsense, and I slept with her, never heard her say even in your sleep。 "Friends said:" Why should I lie to you?You know, your sister sent a man and a woman's voice in the dialogue, but also the hand stretched upward, until Action。 I was too scared to move, but very Xiangshangcesuo。 I wanted while she was not looking, gently go to the bathroom, but as soon as I move, your sister would turn to look at me, voice and hands are stopped, and so I do not move, she lay back and turn positive, and start a conversation。 Later wait until 5:00, she was no movement, and I dare to call you。
Your sister than a ghost in the ghost still terrible!"Short ghost stories: a crush on since he came to this school, she was deeply attracted。
His Shensui with a dash of sad eyes, handsome face, brown skin, and eye teeth exposed when the brilliant smile, always hovering in her mind, play lingers, cut……But she was timid, but no one found only willing to hide in a corner secretly looked at him。 She loved him, deep down infatuated with him, she never dared to say, fear of being laughed at。
After a few days longer to graduate, once they leave the campus, she knew she would never see him again……。

How to obtain the trust between the children?The relationship between the parents the child is actually very subtle, though, is the closest person, but many children and parents lack confidence that you know how to get the trust between you and the child?Following small to talk with you exactly how to obtain the trust between children and。
How to obtain and trust between children "Trust is the glue of life, the most basic elements of effective communication is the basic principle of maintaining relationships。 "- Stephen Covey (1932-2012), the best-selling book" "the author of" High efficiency 7 people in the habit of not much more than something to let others take responsibility and let him know that you trust him more to help a person。 "- Booker Washington (1856-1915), an American writer and orator。
"Winning the trust and respect of their children better than flattery to get notoriety and the public."。 – Dennis Vitelli, best-selling author, "My parents do not trust me!"After" is a lie and deception, then how can I trust my daughter?"" When someone lets you take responsibility, for example, when family or work responsibilities, how do you want to?"My God!If I had heard the case, then I have heard 1000 times before。
How to obtain the trust between the child due to a minor, the parents no longer trust their children; children also lost the trust of parents。 Such things have occurred。
You will experience such a thing。 So, how do parents want?Angry young people will think?Focus on: Trust is a specific time and situation。
In other words, trust depends on the time and circumstances。
I asked and I work with young people: "do you trust your parents?"They often say 'no'。 When I asked them why, their answers are different。
Some said, "ah, they know me, ah, often lying", some say "No, my parents never had, and never will trust me because they are paranoid."。