Sunscreen sunscreen how science has always been more concerned about the topic, and many people may just think the summer only need sunscreen, in fact, this idea is wrong, no matter what the season, the sun is a very important thing in。
So in the end how science sunscreen do the following night network come to you talk about how the scientific method, teach you healthy sun no longer worry Oh!How science sunscreen 1, when they go out must try to avoid exposure。On the go away from 10:00 to 15:00, because this time the strongest ultraviolet。
Also try to avoid places such as the beach and the Peak。
2, portable UV umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, wear long-sleeved clothes made of cotton。
But these only part blocks UV and parasols, sun hat can not block ultraviolet rays reflected from the ground。
3, re-apply: sweating or towel, and this will reduce the effect of sunscreen, not re-apply to get new protection, but protection from the sun to keep any skin care products, or even just water, as long as the coverage will affect the function of sunscreen in the sun, therefore must make up the sweat or sunscreen。
4, free to go out in the midday: UVB early as noon time than about 100 times higher late。
So we must avoid going out at noon, so you can effectively protect themselves。5, generous use sunscreen: sun protection not only depends on the level of sunscreen ingredients and coefficients, whether or not wiping the thickness and uniformity are also important factors。Sunscreen should be applied after skincare。Fat-soluble product, if coated on the sunscreen, sunscreen ingredients will diluting or dissolving the sunscreen loss of function。
How science sunscreen sunscreen ingredients can penetrate other product is absorbed。
6, moisturizing: "After swimming if not immediately wiped away the moisture, the skin will become very dry," you do have this feeling because if there is not enough moisture in the air, the skin from wet to dry process, it will at the same time absorbed by the skin surface of the water so that the skin becomes more dry, which is more pronounced in the northern region。
So the best way to care, that came out from the water bath and immediately wiped away the drops of water, if not in the summer, but also painted skin care products with moisturizing effect, every part of the body when the coating should have painted to, then do gently to help absorb nutrients as soon as possible。
7, sun damage is cumulative, general melanin on the skin of adults is mainly suffered exposure in childhood。
So children from the sun to start。6 months of age can not be seaside bath, before the 7-year-old children to wear?Shirts, sunscreen smearing children, before the age of 18 is the key to sunscreen。

Avon gently hold the bright moon-like beauty of lotus pure holiness, a sparkling dew gentle fall apart at the heart of the flower in full bloom; splash petals each passing infatuation slight gap, playing the chord sound sound slow。Orchid dumping the World ignite fireworks, glamorous light from the rising moon hole went up whisper whispering lips。Pathos dream awakened closed, the shuttle indifferent Homecoming; obsession with you new moon。Autumn kiss discover traces of happiness, bright smile guidelines cents sleeve of a robe fluttering。Intricate messy emotions are cut into pieces scissors, bits and pieces lost in the dreary rainy season。    Dew, whole body was covered in crystal; pure and flawless like pearls。Deep down ripples rippling water tenderness, disguised lazy confuse the biting cold wind; writing a hibiscus can understand only anecdotal Spring。Selfless romantic tangle into a beautiful Acacia error, reveals a hint of magic spell like staring deep quiet close。Vermilion vermilion Xuan window screens, desolate ravaged trembling voice-over。Cool nail accidentally pierced the sad pattern fleeting years, unlimited extension of the four seasons of loneliness and solitude。Sighs in a deserted corner of the quiet, still quietly off the string still rhyme。    Willow hibiscus, moaning in Fang。Chongni wings flying, please let me heal you。Happiness within reach, is not far away。Gently massage brow furrowed sadness, a silver flute moist lips a passionate。The foot can not see the dust of sorrow, turned Looking back, that Mi Mongolia dim light may still beautiful shadow?Acacia flowers bloom soulmate, dew and Lin met in bamboo forest under the moonlight。Intrigue alone sniff the intoxicating fragrance, with my love of words lightly touch your heart。Listen to two faltering rain, twist the pen to tell the eternal Allure。    Stretch tired of thinking, enlarged warm image; lotus shy and sweet thoughts of frustration, because a drop of dew in the rivers and lakes can not be accompanied by sad eyes infatuation temptation and provocative at the heart of。I know you want to be like this forever Discovering love, I know you want to always be made in such cage charm。But the chaos of the purple street, but it is disappointing。At this time, love was painted a dark color, however, we can not love precipitation in the heart; it can not be forgotten 八百里洞庭。Yangtze River chant sonic booms sky last night, falling into mourning faint Xiao Yin passing years fingertips。    Edge of the world, the wires are not visible red stripe; pulling a curtain below the dew Hibiscus dream。Put thoughts of shackles, Le deep bone marrow into the skin; oozing a touch of beautiful color of pain。Canruo stars shining smile the most sincere feelings, warm sunshine lake full bloom。Frown frown Tingting shuttle between the fleeting youth, devout kneeling in solemn purple street Lingtai, warm and happy to pay homage to the dead。Indifferent trek in filthy Qian Chen, captures a hint of infatuation love vulgar desire to penetrate the walls of reinforced concrete pouring。Across the desolate vicious Xianfeng, whether you can become a butterfly hell rebirth?    Zuiwo Lake dim moonlight, broken to pieces, cut open a channel dew fleeting light; sprayed with a lotus Coquette。Ruthless indifference of the universe stubborn insistence of the supreme truth, can not be refuted excuse to intimidate bloodthirsty dark eyes; as if hell out of the wolf。Hidden injured wings, freedom of confusion hide。Reveal the fragrance of youth, you are pressed into a film stored in the bottom of my heart phonograph; ambiguous mood temporary relief from oppression in the body of the peaks surrounding gas。My unruly helpless grief miserable pain, a little bit of soul eliminate residual exhausted; it hurt you?How can you hurt?    Dew fall apart in Lin Rui, could there be good fortune that this life of this world。Hibiscus kiss a crystal, it is also the soul of Allure。White Magic snow falling bridge, waiting for the worth of bringing offer all kinds of bright moonlight。CLS Liuniansishui Reeds left bank, right bank Suiyueruge sunset Ningbi。A paper pathos lingering shadows, swaying youth leaves fly; hazy mottled purple street ethereal emotion。Kate singing drunk roots, dried up disappearing clouds。Hot love waiting for you for a long time, time to let go of regret clasped hands?I see the pity, especially charming, scattered a lotus stems; thin miss season。

Which is easier to do Hunan Hunan is one of the very famous cuisine of basically fried, and basically put the chili, then what Hunan easier to do together and small series to see what Hunan introduced relatively easy to do it!Which is easier to do Hunan fry eggplant material: the right amount of eggplant, sugar, Vinegar, garlic, thirteen powder, chili, Pickle, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, pork slices。
Practice 1.Sliced eggplant slightly soaked in water。 2.Chop pepper, chopped garlic, sliced pork, diced peppers。
3.Less hot oil stir-fry pot to scattered white pork, stir-fry the garlic Duojiao。
4.Under eggplant stir-fry, add soy sauce, salt, MSG, sugar, Laocu, thirteen powder continue to stir fry。 Fives.Cover and simmer for a small fire, add pepper stir fry, water, starch can thicken。 Hunan Hunan easier to do what the egg material 3 eggs, three red pepper, red pepper one, two green onions, garlic 5, 1 small tempeh。 Practice 1.Tempeh soaked with water about ten minutes in advance。 2.Onions, garlic, peppers are finely chopped。

After Shache County, Xinjiang serious violent terrorist attacks, more than 30,000 people and the local police force rounded up someone's thugs。
In rounding up process, the brutal mob attack on police handling the case and the masses, where the knife cut a mob in a police station handling the case co-worn Hytera radio, the Police Association and therefore spared hurt, and took the opportunity to subdue rioters。 Although it is a coincidence, but digital intercom itself plays in the daily command scheduling, emergency command role should not be underestimated in Linkage。 Minority and more vast geographical area, in recent years, cases of multiple terrorist violence, the country's anti-terrorism stability maintenance of the frontier, so that Xinjiang public security for the performance of police command and dispatch communications system demanding。 Earlier Xinjiang Public Security Department has for the seven prefectures building simulation cluster system, the use of frequencies found deficient, poor security, low data traffic, lack of roaming and other issues, leading to the existing analog system, whether business function, or system public security management capabilities can not meet the actual business demand for wireless communication。 Professional wireless communication is an important means of communication conflict of law enforcement and public security routine maintenance of stability at how police training and technology to achieve wireless communication private network to better serve the actual requirements of public security, public security is an important issue to be resolved。
2012 Xinjiang Public Security Department launched a comprehensive police (PDT) work with digital trunking system construction, and completely replace the existing analog system。
Xinjiang to build a communications network, flattening of the integrated command scheduling, PDT system network covers more kinds of police units, armed police, fire, border, Forest Police, Railway Police, etc.。 Construction of a PDT system, give full play to the advantages of digital wireless communication, in addition to improving the basic voice communication capabilities, it can also achieve multiple encrypted communication, the Beidou satellite positioning, SMS application, real-name system information management, and many other secondary development of digital applications。 Since Hytera PDT digital trunking system is running, not only improves the Xinjiang police counter-terrorism, stability maintenance, emergency combat capability, but also provides a background for the efficient and orderly dispatching and management, through a unified network management, system interconnection interoperability, PGIS system access, system integration applications such as command centers, to achieve a visual command scheduling, provides a strong scientific and technological means for the comprehensive fight against criminals, to defend the lives and property of the people of Xinjiang。 Today, Xinjiang public security system has completed the switch from analog to digital systems, PDT system has been fully used in daily service management, event security, maintenance of stability at the sudden among feature-rich applications to fully meet the various business needs of the police in Xinjiang。
It is reported that Xinjiang police PDT digital trunking system and new digital radio Hytera provided by the company as a leading supplier of professional communications equipment, to provide efficient means of communication for the Xinjiang public security, but also provides a comprehensive communications security services。

Passionate romantic summer, many beautiful and moving story as we staged two parallel lines, facing each other, but can not intersect so I think fondly of you, but can not touch you again and again told myself away from you farther, farther and then farther, but would like to come back again and again walked, but you are afraid will be more lonely love; love to go, but you are afraid of hurt confusion in love share the joy ambiguous, but the pace of messy rush one day, suddenly find that you came into my dreams my heart you have too many dreams, I feel the genuineness of you waving to see you smile filled the face joy beyond words we hugged, we whispered talk to touch your cheek, kiss your forehead melting happy in the happiness of our time is always so short, have your dream or dreams would I want to wake up often, I think you always by my side you see a dream, dream you want to wake up more worried about the pain, care is sad, is worried about the situation from care is happiness, happiness is worried, worried the truth is I tasted the taste of Acacia——Ever since you pain and happiness, loneliness and solitude no longer occupy my day my heart is what can not be replaced share the warmth and joy

Pearl products Meatballs, Ruannuo taste delicious, are often want to know more about it after eating, do it yourself is a good way。
Pearl meatballs do, to choose fat and lean, the three best fat seven lean, so only rich flavor。
Meat added a lotus root, it not only adds flavor fragrance, lotus root or anti-dry solution tired of reinforcing the goods, in line with the modern concept of health with meat and vegetables。 Stuffing also added some cooked rice, so let's soft balls taste more tender。
Meatballs steamed rice steaming time with the usual, like cooked rice, cooked meat will。 Ingredients Ingredients 150 g Pork 200 g lotus glutinous rice bowl accessories seasoning 2 tablespoons ginger 3 grams of salt 10 g of soy sauce, cooking wine 3 g 3 g 4 g 10 g light blue 4 g of pearl sugar practice meatballs 1.Prepare materials: Lotus 150 grams, 200 grams of pork (three seven lean fat, 10 grams of very light blue, 10 grams of ginger, rice bowl of cooked rice and 2 tablespoons soft waxy taste delicious pearl meatballs 2.The lotus root, pork, light blue, ginger were cut into small pieces 3.Followed by the cooking machine broken into, hit the meat, onion ginger resort, last played lotus root 4.Lay all ingredients in a bowl, adding salt, sugar, wine, olive oil, soy sauce, and then cooked rice was added, stirred well Serve stuffing balls 5.Digging with a teaspoon spoonful stuffing balls, like the balls let go heart extruded tiger's mouth, then add the washed rice in the rolling circle, so meatballs covered rice 6.Then take the pearl balls on the pot and steam for 10-15 minutes。

BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reports, the latest study found that obese mice lost because of the taste buds。 Who led the study of Cornell University scientist Robin duo Dan (RobinDando) said the discovery could be a new target for treating obesity, although it is not very great importance to the taste buds, but it is very important。
Article excerpts are as follows: diet, exercise and genetic causes of obesity are, but the taste preferences influence dietary choices。
Some earlier studies have found that obesity usually lower than the sensitivity of taste Thin Man。
This theory has not been confirmed, but it may explain why people eat more high-calorie foods to make up for the taste weakened phenomenon。 Dan duo laboratory team carefully studied the taste buds on the tongue and a population of cells, found mainly five kinds of taste: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami。 The experimental study in mice, they are fed high-fat diet, leading to a rapid increase in weight, and then calculates the cells in taste buds on the tongue。
The researchers will study results published in the "PLOS biological" journal, found that the taste buds obese mice than lean mice a normal diet, a decrease of 25% of the taste buds。
Stanford University weight loss surgeon John Morton (JohnMorton) said the study does emphasize the association between body weight and taste sensitivity。 This is another reason for the difficulties of weight loss。
A few years ago, he let the patient before and after stomach reduction surgery, conducted taste tests found that as weight loss, improved taste。
No matter what the role of taste buds, Morton doctors recommend caution in patients with eating。
In addition to enjoying the sight and smell, slow down the speed of eating before swallowing, chewing 30 times。 He said that can be met from all aspects of the food, not the appetite。 Editor: Xu snow。

A new round of surging wave of information has been struck, with big data, cloud computing is the core of the new technology is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and to stimulate the unlimited business opportunities。 December 12, was organized by the Shenzhen Zhongxing Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen high new material Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was intelligent networking technology applications Association co-host of "NB- of IoT Industry Cooperation Forum – cum resurgence of Things industry development seminar (South China station) meeting "was held in Shenzhen。 The meeting to "join is the time" as the theme, carried out for NB- of IoT technology, big data and other topics to explore in-depth analysis of the development opportunities for the networking industry, and shared innovative applications more segments of the Internet of Things further open up the upstream and downstream resources on the networking industry, for the industry to create an indispensable exchange feast。 Wang Peng, executive vice president of ZTE things together now, from networking applications, security to intelligent manufacturing, medical, financial and asset locating in areas such as continuous extension of the one hundred million connectivity requirements are achieved。 Wang Peng, executive vice president of ZTE Things pointed out that, of all things Internet era and wireless communication technology is closely related to the development of NB- of IoT, Laura and low-power EMTC WAN networking applications will further promote the popularity and spawned a huge market demand。
5G will allow the emergence of telemedicine, autopilot, AR / VR and other scenarios become possible to create more room for imagination era of things。 ZTE Things application end product eco-win-win situation, "high new things together" brand will focus more on the era of things connected to the traditional industry has created unlimited possibilities, while the enormous challenges the complexity of industrial structure and gave the industry。
How can more quickly embrace the opportunities of Things?Eco-win-win situation has become the best choice for industry。 In order to focus more on things "great connection", to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions for the Internet of Things, ZTE things together at the event announced a new sub-brand – new high Things。 Work together to develop without the upstream and downstream industry chain of things, high emerging Things advocate of the "financial" culture is the best interpretation: "melt" a symbol of water, life and growth, a symbol of "financial ecology , the financial industry, financing this, "represents the vision of the depth of cooperation and common development of the downstream industry chain enterprises, reflecting the pursuit of business and strive to build a smarter planet, and create a better human vision。 "High on the emerging things together" brand ZTE was released in conjunction with the Thai and signed a strategic cooperation event, was associated with the emerging high-Shenzhen and the Thai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. signed a NB- of IoT smart appliances strategic cooperation agreement。 The two sides will jointly conduct based on intelligent home product development and promotion NB- floor of IoT technology, relying on their respective strengths to further improve the eco-system of Things platform jointly build integrated solutions to build new business models, promote the industrialization of operational cooperation。

China news agency, Beijing, November 20 (Reporter Zhou Xinai) – President of the Republic of Panama Barrera 20th, 2018 Panama and China opened direct flights。
Barrera day on their personal Twitter wrote: "I am delighted to share with you, Panama will open direct flights to China in March 2018, then, there will be two flights a week non-stop from Beijing to Panama."。
Chinese living in Panama's history has been more than 160 years old。
According to official statistics, the current Panama more than 300 million people, the Chinese accounted for 5%, about 15 million people; and have Chinese blood is at least 30 million people, accounting for 10% of the population。
Former president of the Panamanian Association of Huadu remember Tim Lo, the previous, local overseas Chinese to return progenitor (membership) countries, mainly rely on two routes: one took off from Panama, after six hours to turn in Los Angeles, then fly 14 after hours of arrival in China; and second, took off from Panama, the Paris transit, but this time the route will take longer than the first。
He Xiaojuan lived in Panama 20 years, told reporters, without further by way of a third country, while living in the country from the direct progenitor (membership) States, overseas Chinese in Panama, no doubt, is a "big benefits"。 "I did not expect China and Pakistan established diplomatic relations after just a few months came the good news!"He Xiaojuan informed of the message the first time, I put in my circle of friends to share the good news。 She told reporters that China and Pakistan are all direct flights to Panama compatriots dream of things, but now "dream come true"。 He Xiaojuan also said that the new route significantly "shorten" the distance between China and Pakistan, "good environmental Panama, the world-famous natural scenery, the opening of direct flights, welcome friends come and see the motherland!"Should be invited Chinese President Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of Panama Barrera is on a state visit to China。 17, under the witness of two heads of state, director of Civil Aviation Administration of China Feng Zhenglin Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama Deshengmaluo in Beijing signed the "People's Republic of China Transport Agreement between the Government and the Government of the Republic of Panama Civil Aviation"。 The agreement is the fundamental legal basis for the establishment of air links between the two countries。 Editor: Fei Fan。

  Thirty or forty men need to pay attention to the health and health care, especially kidney health is very important, as it relates to men's sexuality and married life, go home and fell down asleep, listless day, this may be the kidney performance。
If a woman is an important thing as the skin, kidney definitely a man that lives in a very important thing, encounter these situations do not effect, then men should do how kidney health?  1, black mulberry dry mulberry itself has a nourishing, self-cultivation and efficacy of blood。
Not only can improve a woman after eating cold hands and feet problems, more blood, health, Liver, kidney and other effects, is very suitable kidney yin deficiency of male friends often eat, whether it is dry food, tea or pressed into juice, taste very good Oh!  2, black sesame, black sesame, sweet natured beans, have liver or kidney, moisture five internal organs of action, due to lack of dizziness caused by liver and kidney and blood, hair, hair loss, weak waist, intestinal dry constipation better therapeutic health effects。
Tune into a paste, daily cup, not only prevent hair loss, so glossy black hair, so you energy all day。
  Chinese medicine, black beans beneficial in the treatment of edema, and blood detoxification。
Pharmacological studies show that black beans can yin qi is strong and nourishing food。Eat is very diverse, you can porridge, stews or the like。Method is best way to make soy milk made into!  3, is the first Chinese wolfberry wolfberry, wolfberries red color, sweet taste, usually generally put in the soup to drink。
It has gluten kidney, Kidney, lungs, nourishing liver and utility of eyesight; carotene, vitamin A。
This is the kidney。
Wolfberry and jujube soaked with drink, can also be blood, Jianshen, skincare。
  4, yam yam powder has a variety of effects, including kidney and spleen, etc., spleen and stomach and kidney of people can yams as a regular tune up the body of food。
Another on super delicate, more extract the essence of grain, more easily absorbed。
Mountain powder biggest feature is contains a lot of sticky protein, can also keep blood vessels flexible, nourish kidney!  5, scallops nutritional value is very high, with Yin and kidney, tune in and stomach function, can treat dizziness, throat, thirst, asthenia coughing up blood, spleen and stomach sickness, eat helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fitness tonic。  In daily life, stay up late, drink excessively, overeating, drinking and drinking tea, eating salty, drinking too little, often holding back urine, will be on our cause damage to the kidneys, leading to kidney。
As the saying goes "is the three-drug", whether Western or Chinese medicine and health products, all have some side effects。
Everyone wants to quickly relieve physical discomfort of local self-drug naturally became commonplace。But for the kidneys, some drugs mufti is always counterproductive, so the drug nourishment after all, not a permanent solution, treatment of kidney, good health from the kidney usually start。
  Chinese medicine believes that black food into the kidney can Qiangshen can choose food black rice, black beans, black sesame, black fungus, dates, mulberries, mushrooms, kelp, seaweed and other foods, and kidney recommended daily can eat。Also boil stew black rice, black beans, black sesame porridge whole grains daily kidney。