In the first half of this year, the fund semi-annual report disclosed a total of 154.8 billion yuan Kuidiao Christian Democrats, but the fund company management fee income increased rather than decreased, six months gobbled billion yuan, an overcharged% per fund companies to one hundred million yuan。 Thus, regardless of market ups and downs, fund companies also offer higher, many fund companies are Christian Democrats denounced as a "vampire"。
Public fund semi-annual report to see another kind of "chaos": obviously the net value of the fund has shrunk, why some fund managers are still to salary increase?Obviously fund regulators ordered the company not to pay a one-time bonus channels for sale to the fund, why fund customer maintenance costs are also surprisingly high?Clearly came out on top of the public offering are self-proclaimed elite, why repeatedly said he "made a mistake should not be committed" in a semi-annual report?In ancient times goes, chaos Dodge then。
So it really?Although the first half of this year funds hit a record annual loss for the second half, but nearly a year due to the hundreds of new fund "join", the total assets of the fund industry over the past year over the same period, the fund management fee is not falling rise, management fee revenue related to the manager "fat were oil" –60 fund companies charge directly to the Christian Democratic surge%, to reach a total of one hundred million yuan。

(IntelligentBuilding) refers to the use of automation, communications, information technology and other intelligent means to provide safe, efficient, convenient and energy-saving features such as buildings。
The system has integrated features, the history is short, but wide-ranging, fast rate of progress is dynamic and relative concept, with the ever-changing high-tech development。
Intelligent building by building sub-function smart homes, smart public buildings, intelligent commercial buildings, building and construction。
Multiple dwelling group constituted intelligence community; intelligent public buildings, commercial buildings, such as the formation of intelligent smart Square。 Intelligent community, intelligent Square ,, and together constitute the smart city, smart city one by one eventually form a Smarter Planet。
After the data show that China's intelligent building industry market in 2005 for the first time exceeded 200 billion industry, according to forward-looking Institute released "Report of intelligent building industry development prospects and investment strategic planning analysis", but also more than 20% annual growth development。 In 2012, the construction industry continued to grow downstream of promoting the development of intelligent building industry, China's intelligent building market reached 86.1 billion yuan, an increase of 26.6%。
By 2016, China's intelligent building market has reached 1853 billion yuan, an increase of 18.About 18%, continue to maintain a rapid growth rate。 2005-2016 Annual intelligent building industry market size of China (Unit: 100 million) Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation if the broad architectural point of view, the main equipment used in intelligent building among。 Intelligent building industry with great development potential, China's economic development is considered to be a very important industry, its industry leading role should not be underestimated。 According to statistics, the United States and Japan accounted for intelligent building new buildings are in the ratio of 60% or more。 By 2016, China's intelligent building new buildings accounted for around 35% of proportion。
Our intelligent building started in 1990, six years later than the United States, Japan, more than four years later, by comparing the development process of the United States and Japan, intelligent building and looking forward to the next country in the proportion of intelligent building new buildings will remain a year 3。 About 5 percentage points to enhance the speed, to 2022, China's intelligent building than listed in the new buildings is expected to reach 57%。 The proportion of our forecast 2017-2022 Annual intelligent building in new buildings (unit:%) Source: Institute for Prospective origin of intelligent building industry consolidation in the 1990s, the industry has experienced start-up period, norming, Development of Three stage; a regional first-tier cities to second and third tier cities gradually promote the future will be popular in rural areas, ecological parks, industrial areas; technology management by the Electrical and gradually to digital, network development。 With the expansion of time, the field of technology in three dimensions, covering the field of intelligent building gradually increased, sustained industry growth rate of more than 20%。 Our intelligent building was built in the 1990s, due to the late start, the smaller base。
In the United States and Japan, intelligent building new buildings accounted for the proportion has exceeded 70% and 60% respectively。
Compared to other developed countries, accounting for intelligent building our country is still at a low level。
Future, intelligent building new buildings accounted for the proportion will continue to rise, coupled with the existing intelligent building renovation, is expected to 2022, the intelligent building market will reach 416.8 billion yuan。 2017-2022 Annual of intelligent building industry market size and year on year growth forecast (Unit: 100 million) Source: Institute for Prospective current industry consolidation, intelligent building industry is still in the growth stage, small-scale enterprises and more practitioners, industry concentration is relatively lower sales of the top ten companies account for only about 15% market share。 However, some large and medium enterprises with intelligent project implementation experience in the development process of the formation of their own strengths and advantages, and gradually form their own brand, the emergence of a number of outstanding business intelligence in the various market segments within the industry。 As technology advances, increasingly fierce competitive environment, it is anticipated there will be a series of industry consolidation, industry concentration will increase, while the larger integrators in the industry will also be more to the advantage of the whole field in which solving orientation of the program of development of integrated service providers。

Even if only to see the young man to dry the bra may also produce an erection, but after 35 years of age, the face of his wife's body could not agree, he would pay more attention to his wife's kisses and caresses。
1, try the innovation age couples, increase mutual understanding, due to the familiarity and trust each other, no longer embarrassed to discuss how to get a more satisfying sex life。You may wish to learn new ways, new ideas to solve old problems, such as husband and wife with bath, etc.。
2, adjust the speed of the young sexual performance was fast and intense, they are easily excited, and like all of a sudden, like gunpowder burst out。20-year-old male after sex can start 23 minutes to reach orgasm, and his wife but may take more than twenty minutes in order to achieve a high degree of excitement。
So the situation when his wife was getting better, but her husband has died down often appear。Survey shows that married women in their twenties in all age groups are the most difficult to reach orgasm。
With age, male excitement began a slow rhythm, flow velocity and speed of muscle contraction naturally slow down, forty or fifty years hence men take longer to reach orgasm。This slow full of erotic feelings for his wife was more attractive。
With the "sex Fen" synchronization, the wife will naturally be met。

Five kinds of sex tips woman will learn what are talking about sexual technique might many people will think that it is men who want to learn something, in fact, the woman is also necessary to learn。 The following small series for everyone to talk about sex a woman will learn five skills, so that he can not do without you!Five kinds of skills will learn a woman, licking the importance we all know how important licking foreplay, while cool man who simply suggesting for a moment, the man in addition to the little brother, sensitive zone are: ear after, neck, nipples, around the navel, palm, thigh, buttocks, balls and balls around, and most comfortable way is part of a broad tongue licked, but will gently touch the tip of the tongue better than tongue hand, will bring many silk itchy feeling。
And yes, people speculate Egg is not a site, some men really like women licking this area, according to Sam's saying is: "This is a very sensitive part, there will be licked feeling, but be careful not to bite or too hard, otherwise it is very easy to screw up。 "However, this part, I have also heard For Women friends Samantha said, her boyfriend would not like others to touch his balls, please Samantha can not follow suit, so this site, or a matter of opinion sensitive zone。 And Nelly provides another place where people blush, he emphasized that this is indeed a medical basis。
Bring a woman orgasm?Point, is found in the 1950s by the ErnestGrafenberg, but recently the medical profession also found that men also have?Point, but it is near the anus entrance, close to where the prostate, if appropriate extrusion or licking can cause irritation male ejaculation。
Of course, I personally have not the guts to try, but according to Li's view, this part of the stimulus, it will certainly bring pleasure。 Five kinds of skills women will learn 2, do not wear your pajamas to bed panda Sam, Ernie, Nelly unanimously when you want to go to bed, you can wear striped pajamas, you can wear ordinary small vest, but do do not become wearing only socks, underwear small, with perhaps a panda in Beijing to buy a souvenir or short-sleeved sequined elephant in Thailand to buy short-sleeved (because always find time to wear, so I had to bring pajamas do), then the woman fell down asleep。
That is not "dry female" issue, but a woman should always prepare for the unexpected sex。
Put it this way, if when you came home and saw her boyfriend wearing tight briefs and white stockings out to greet you, so you will have fried rice appetite so, if your side is always ready TV drama only thing you usually do not need short sleeve pajamas do, then you will never be able to wear sexy little shorts and a white vest, a man of late greet you, along with your man back home, just to press the bell man……。

Source: Overseas Thai World News Network January 19 electric Recently, a Thai friends on Facebook revealed that she booked a hotel in Koh Chang, Thailand online, found that drove more than four hours after arrival, weeds clusters, and even a greeter did not see。 According to Thailand's "World News" reported that the friends revealed that she was originally scheduled for December 30, 2017 to January 1, 2018 went to check in, but because of a sudden illness, so after consultation with the hotel to reach an agreement, Check-in time delay to 2018 on January 17 to 19。 Source: Thailand World Journal reported on the 17th, the users will get up at 4:00, look forward to it starting from Bangkok, travel long distances nearly four and a half hours to arrive in Koh Chang。
On arrival, the friends was a sight that shocked: weeds throughout the hotel, even a person did not see。 After many contacts, eventually she was told that the hotel is suspension repair, temporarily unable to stay。 (Fan Fei / mechanized ed) This article is copyright works without authorization is forbidden。
Overseas perspective, China's position, landing official website of People's Daily Overseas Edition – overseas network or "Hacker" client access to authoritative information one step ahead。

Men's skin care are the main points which lifted skin care may have a lot of people still think that is what a female friend who was concerned about, in fact, as it now more attention to the external image, male skin care has become a concern the focus of the。
Important Points Then the men skin care are what it following small for everyone to bring men's skin care, men should also have good skin Oh!Men's skin care Point 1.The important role of emulsion water content of the emulsion is larger, able to add moisture, so。
Lotion also contains a small amount of oil, but also moisturize the skin。 In particular, some anti-aging lotion contains ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin, so the skin regains elasticity。 2.Do not blindly shaping plastic should be careful。
Any surgery has risks, the greater the surgery, the greater the risk。 Many people seek immediate cosmetic only beautiful, without taking into account the coming decades will face degeneration。
In fact, the current popular method, although these plastic surgery can make you look good enough。 Note, however, with age, our face and body will change gradually, but this time, cosmetic sequelae will find on our'll make plastic even more aging people than the average person。 3.Avoid too much direct sunlight is well known that sun's ultraviolet rays and pollution skin darkening and aging, which allows UVB sunburn, while ubiquitous ultraviolet light, will penetrate the epidermis directly to the dermis, accelerated skin aging speed, so tanning。 Avoid direct sunlight at 11:00 to 3:00 pm, because this time the strongest ultraviolet light, also the largest mass destruction。
Initial exposure to sunlight under clear skies, time should not exceed 30 minutes。
Out umbrella, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, painting is the most basic and effective protective measures。
The best long wear dark clothes, because ultraviolet rays easily penetrate the relatively light-colored clothes。
4.Loss of overheating。

    Social media to denounce drug pricing being unreasonable died down。
September 2015, US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hastened to bring claims drive up the price of a particular drug acts surgery – alluding to in the industry as a pest Shike Lai (MartinShkreli), he was in charge of the Turing pharmaceutical company (TuringPharmaceuticals) just a there are decades of history, part of the essential AIDS drugs to let the market caught in a passive, the night before the drug price increase to $ 750 dollars from each and。
  While Hillary Clinton issued a limited threat from the presidential election more than a year, but FACTSET biotech stocks index fell one week 17%。 In contrast, the President of the United States in early March at the Trump issued a document that will implement an extensive program of enhanced pharmaceutical competition: "American drug prices will drop!"A week later biotech stocks was up 1%。
  Why this time results to differ materially?Perhaps investors believe that Trump and too pro-business Republicans, will not release the pharmaceutical industry profits drop policy。 Or perhaps because, after so many years of drug prices soaring, investors believe that reform is too difficult, pharmaceutical industry lobbyists forces are too strong。   Investors should think again。
Changes in drug prices will slow growth in the next few years is already in progress。 Some of these changes are subject to market changes, without the need of politicians to take action。 Other changes only need to fine-tune the policy, not completely fresh start。
Until recently, investors profited rose in a series of stocks, such as (Abbvie), (Amgen) and genetic。 But now they are to be alert。
In turn, to favor those whose income depends mainly on the introduction of new drugs, the company's patient population growth, such as renewable yuan (RegeneronPharmaceuticals) and VertexPharmaceuticals。   According to Pharmaceutical Payment Management (PBM) ExpressScriptsHolding, since 2008, the most widely used brand-name prescription drug prices increased by 208 percent, compared to the same period consumer prices rose only 14%。
During this period generic drug prices have fallen, but limited to reduce the pressure on drug prices: although the United States issued patent medicines account for only 10% of prescription drugs, but drugs accounted for 72% of total expenditure。
Abbvie of rheumatoid arthritis drug Humira (Humira's) is the world's best-selling drug, with sales of $ 16 billion last year, which is a typical example of how synthetic biology drug prices Yiqijuechen。
Different drugs with the traditional chemical synthesis, biological synthesis of biopharmaceuticals made。   Humira sold in the form of injections, the price of a needle from 2008 to nearly $ 700 up to $ 2200 today。
The main patent on the drug expired last year, but in January this year, Abbvie announced drug price increases of 8% – the same day, US Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee Price (TomPrice) response to Congress on drug prices rose questioned。
  Drugs planning department and other payers to negotiate drug prices discounted drug prices。 Even so, the United States Humira discounted price is more than twice as Canada and France。
  Development of new drugs, especially expensive biological drug development, in order to encourage innovation in the industry, it is necessary to implement high drug prices。
However, according to an analysis report "Journal of the American Medicine" (JournaloftheAmericanMedicalAssociation) published last year, the number of R & D costs associated with the signs of drug prices does not exist, the US pricing of prescription drugs is mainly to see the market will bear。
  The market will bear a lot of things。 Promote drug prices drop two key strength is the strength of competition and drug price negotiations between the payer drugmakers。
From 2010 to 2012, an unusually large number of brand-name drugs lose patent protection, a relatively modest increase drug prices。
Theoretically biotech drugs more intense competition。
By 2020, seven big selling drug patents will expire。   For example, last year only to lose the Abbvie Humira synthetic patent。
There are 70 kinds of other patent medicine: 20 producing several patents, patent 10 kinds of pharmaceutical preparations, as well as dozens of indications, therapy Patent。 When briefing to investors, Abbvie claiming at least 2022 years ago can avoid competition。
Abbvie Amgen sued for patent infringement to prevent the latter to launch a biosimilar。   It is not clear how noisy protest Amgen, the company itself is jump "patent ballroom dancing" Protecting arthritis drug Enbrel 2015 Annual lose the main patent。
Professor at Harvard Medical School, one of the aforementioned "Journal of the American Medical" report author JerryAvorn that the company is more brazen, aggressive, not only to pursue these strategies, but this boast。   FederatedInvestors portfolio manager MartinJarzebowski said patent expiration will not only make the second reason is the decline in drug prices, biopharmaceutical very difficult, only a few companies have the appropriate size and expertise。 Compared with traditional generics, biosimilars development, greater manufacturing, marketing costs。 And because biosimilars similar brand-name drugs rather than brand-name drugs precise replication, companies must allow doctors to believe that biosimilars exactly the same effect with the original study medicine。 In a recent competitive analysis report bio-generic drugs is expected, biosimilars market profits would fall short of Wall Street expectations。   Other sources of pressure drug prices – the bargaining power payers – as great as in other countries in the United States。
Other countries decided to experts appointed by the Commission to implement universal health care system of drug price negotiations, acceptance made in accordance with the effect of drugs or medicines rejected。 The United States has a lot of drug prices payers, including Medicare (health care) and Medicaid PBM (medical) institutions, the private health insurance companies and ExpressScripts, CVSHealth (CVS, like UnitedHealth Group。
Medicare spending accounted for 29% of total pharmaceutical expenditure, but the law of that system agencies shall negotiate drug prices d drugs, and Medicare must cover most of the drugs – this is a concession to fears that the government made offside Members。 At the same time PBM to use its purchasing power to obtain a discount drug prices, but these companies sometimes also by certain drugs into the drug list and get a discount from pharmaceutical companies, resulting in a conflict of interest。
  According to reports, Trump institutions to support Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which could make Trump with congressional Republicans and not difficult by the relevant Act。 Fortunately, simpler way to control drug prices increased presence, some of which way the industry has been in practice。   For the prices of medicines which make more reasonable and effective evaluation is a good starting point for control of drug prices。
Over the years, "Consumer Reports" (ConsumerReports) published a straightforward opinion in this regard, for example, which treat asthma inhaled steroids highest price。 For more complex drugs, by the United States Institute of Economic evaluation of clinical (InstituteforClinicalandEconomicReview, ICER) assessment。 Clinical data for research ICER of doctors and researchers, writing including synthetic drugs, including biopharmaceuticals comparative study。
As the saying goes health is priceless, but the ICER is the use of quality adjusted life years, called (QALY) standardized measure of the value of drugs。 QALY = 1 represents full health life year。
  For example, ICER a recent report on rheumatoid arthritis immunomodulatory drugs, he said the old analogy found a drug more effective drug, but its price was too high。
With the QALY measure, Humira highest price for every $ QALY23 million and the monoclonal antibody was $ QALY20 per million and Roche's Actemra about every ten thousand dollars。
The report concluded that Humira drug prices need to fall by 50% -69% was reasonable。
  ICER of funds provided by non-profit organizations, the growing influence。 Last year Medicare pilot announced that the competent authorities report quoted ICER of different payment methods B drug, known as an example of the department is exploring the reasonable pricing of medicines。 B medicine is a doctor's office or hospital outpatient department issued drugs, such as certain cancer drugs。
New York and ICER were related to explore, and later governor Cuomo (AndrewCuomo) announced a proposal in January this year, the establishment of a drug utilization evaluation committee to evaluate the fair price of expensive drugs。 2015 ICER published right, regeneration and $ Amgen price hereditary high cholesterol PCSK9 inhibitor drug jointly manufactured questioned the report, PBM will be less willing to pay。
  As it now appears Amgen drugs and existing drugs do comparative tests of new evidence, said it would review its analysis ICER。
At the same time renewable yuan CEO Shi Leifu (LenSchleifer) investigate new drugs Dupixent atopic dermatitis and contact ICER fair price。
Renewable yuan final price of the drug at the low end of the price range given fair ICER recommendations, significantly lower than those of atopic dermatitis-label prescription drug prices, including Humira (arthritis and skin itching belong inflammation)。   ICER founder Pearson (StevenPearson), said regeneration yuan examples fully illustrate some pharmaceutical companies are admitted the situation had changed。 Renewable yuan not to increase the price of the best-selling drug Eylea, Eylea 2011 approved eye disease wet age-related macular degeneration drug。
Shi Leifu years of industry status quo criticism。
He said last week, referring to the correspondents drug prices rose, some people turn a blind eye to this, the Constitution limited patent protection time。   Nevertheless, Dupixent pricing marks a departure from the old way of。 Shilei Fu said in the past pricing model is to make a decision, then the reasons; Dupixent pricing is we decided to organize talks payer, PBM and ICER like, come up with a reasonable price we think。   Patients also need more competing drugs。
In January, the independent Senator Sanders (Bernie Sanders) proposes to allow pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies import prices lower drug bill, narrowly passed by the Senate – to get 12 Republican senators in favor, which is traditional front of a sign of being transferred。
Another view is to prevent severe early patent medicines, to stop "patent ballroom dancing" (patentdance) phenomenon。   JanneyMontgomeryScott pharmaceutical market analyst DebjitChattopadhyay believe that this approach may not be implemented recently, but whatever it is a goal, a comprehensive health care reform much more difficult。
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must address the backlog of generic drug applications, and signed a reciprocal agreement with the European and other strict control of the drug market。
European market launch of biosimilars is much faster than the United States。
Drug regulatory authorities may also expand the category, allowing the use of similar effect, but not necessarily fully replace similar drugs。
  Whether driven by members, employers or trade unions, PBM transparency must be improved。 With plenty of alternative medicines and fuller information on drug prices, PBM and health insurance plans side will have the ability to enter into contracts more favorable, an analyst at investment bank LeerinkPartners Boggs (GeoffreyPorges) think this is a key way to significantly control of drug prices one。
Porges said, must enable them to say, "This is the same two drugs, the drug kicked out, leaving a kind of medicine."。 Such as arthritis?The price of drugs has decreased significantly, to less than $ 40,000 per patient from $ 90,000。 This aspect can look at the example GileadSciences, most of the company made a profit of arthritis?Drugs contributions in the past year its share price has fallen by a third。   GileadSciences is an extreme example, but it is possible slowdown in drug prices put pressure on pharmaceutical stocks。
Since October last year, prescription drug prices have edged down。
Biotechnology and traditional pharmaceutical industry profit is expected to continue to drop。
If the price drops extensive growth, the rapid price increases of companies or difficult to keep Wall Street's expectations。
Boggs research has pointed out, Abbvie, Amgen, Biogen and other traditional pharmaceutical companies relatively aggressive growth in drug prices。
  Renewable yuan is another scene, although the company in the past did not mention how the price, but is expected the next few years will be double-digit percentage growth in earnings per share。
Drug Approval Dupixent dermatitis which is possible to obtain a plurality of treating allergic disorders (including asthma)。
Reproducing element 28 times the current price-earnings。   Vertex is another example of biotechnology companies win by patients and drug prices too high and rising rapidly。 Because cystic fibrosis drug test two together to get a positive result, it is possible through the approval, the company's share price this year rose more than 50% of the cumulative。
  The two drugs with more vertices now cystic fibrosis drug efficacy Orkambi slightly forward, shortness of breath, can significantly reduce the incidence of side effects。
Vertex also tested a triple drug is expected data released later this year, it is possible to make the company achieve greater progress in cystic fibrosis drugs。
Vertex year after adjusting for stock compensation expected earnings per share of $ only, but within five years, analysts expect earnings per share of more than $ 700, the pursuit of growth stocks for investors reasonable stock price。
  More generally, however, the rapid growth in the number of patients is difficult enlisted, drug prices rose less dependent on the core pharmaceutical company, which is a problem。 Past due to a significant increase in profits in the industry and favored investors may need to reduce exposure。   Asthma nebulizer medication albuterol (salbutamol) 40 years ago for the first time by the launch, then known as salbutamol (albuterol)。
Recently listed a generic drug albuterol, 200 priced at $ 21。
In the United States there is no generic albuterol, only salbutamol, PROAIR of drugs。 200 PROAIR atomized drug US drug price comparison website recently listed for $ 67 US dollars -80。
  Why such a big price gap?In the United States, FDA since mid-2009 to disable the chlorofluorocarbons used as aerosol propellants。
Originally from asthma aerosol phase out chlorofluorocarbons (destruction of the ozone layer) extensive program of impact, because these drugs are important asthma medication, and the release of chlorofluorocarbons much。
  Pharmaceutical companies smell opportunity from which new patents reportedly has successfully lobbied the FDA to abolish asthma aerosol exemptions。
Today, the United States use a hydrofluoroalkane as a propellant。
Environmental concerns pharmaceutical giant to generate returns。
Ventolin is expected this year will bring GlaxoSmithKline million (US $ 0.1 billion) in revenue, up 5% compared with 2016。   Another asthma drug Seretide (ADVAIR) containing steroids and bronchodilators, is used for daily asthma prevention。 The main drug patent expires in 2010, Diskus inhaler of discoid patent expires this year。
It is available for one month using the minimum dose of Seretide Diskus is priced at more than 350 US dollars。 Mylan company has a generic Seretide ready to launch, but it is not clear when the drug is approved for sale。 Generic drug companies must first prove its precise dose inhaler。
  A year ago researchers published a research article in the journal "Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics" (ClinicalPharmacologyTherapeutics), said different batches inhaled dose of Seretide。
This creates a problem, namely how generic drug companies to prove their bioequivalence inhalation device in itself, even Seretide bioequivalence unclear circumstances。
(Lemon Nan / compiler)。

  Chinese say, "Zhao Jia is more than blood."。
The white spots, suggesting that human organs dysfunction, especially in poor digestion and absorption, the body nutrition is not enough to pay attention to a balanced diet。
  With Shu Wen prompt physical state of fatigue, may have recently not very good mental state。In any case, pay attention to relax, rest a regulation。  Dysfunctional organs causes: 1.With cold, wet, hot evil-based (including bacteria, viruses), improper sexual intercourse, excessive birthing, eating disorders, trauma or flutter caused by dysfunctional organs。  2.The human spirit emotional (impassioned) changes can affect organs, blood functional activities。Mental or emotional stimulation, can affect the function of regulating Chong and Ren。
  The main symptoms of kidney, liver, heart, spleen dysfunction, resulting in blood deficiency, any lack of red, with a pulse is not solid; inherent loss of kidney essence, acquired disorders, wasting stomach, blood deficiency after serious chronic illness and other organs are dysfunctional performance。  Prevention: 1.Correct understanding and stable natural law of development is the advent of menopause mood irreversible, should equanimity。
  2.Adjust your diet, increase activity with age, basal metabolism decreased, the need to reduce heat, so the diet must be reasonable adjustments。
  3.Pay attention to hygiene, regular check-ups status。
  Relieve fatigue small coup eat lots of green vegetables。
They contain important minerals and vitamins, the body needs these substances to fight fatigue。Green leafy vegetables are rich in potassium, which is an important element of fatigue resistance, (bananas may be)。The calcium to ease fatigue and stress also play an important role。  Drink a glass of grape juice and lemon juice can prevent and relieve mental fatigue every day。Grape juice has been shown to dispel fatigue。Therefore, after the end of a tiring day's work, you may wish to have a drink, relieve fatigue。You can also pour the lemon juice and grape juice in a cup to drink, taste better。
  Bubbles per day。You can add 7 drops of lavender essential oil in the bathtub, 3 drops of rosemary essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, a cup of sea salt, a cup of soda。This recipe can relieve fatigue, hot bubble bath, you will be a lot of cool。
  For fatigue, it is not necessarily a good rest。On the fatigue, and some may be caused by psychological factors mental fatigue。Therefore, we must pay attention to adjust their state of mind in their daily life and work, a time to relax, not been in a state of high pressure。

The students are pro forma for map / China Taojiang net Yesterday was World TB Day。
Have less than 100 days from the national college entrance examination, fourth Taojiang County, Hunan Province 364 high school class 78 students suffering from tuberculosis are still worried about whether they pass the college entrance examination。   Mid-August 2017, the class gathered tuberculosis epidemic outbreak。 Several sick students told Beijing Youth Daily reporter, and now they are still taking medicine。
  Students consider the practical difficulties of illness, Hunan Provincial Education Department has agreed to sick students the college entrance examination was delayed two months。
  78 students enrolled in this year's college entrance examination in August 2017, Taojiang 364 Fourth Class outbreak of tuberculosis clusters of disease, due to the prevalence of students are graduating high school students, college entrance examination approaches, their situation cause for concern。 According to the local government informed that as at March 19, 2018, the Fourth Middle School students Taojiang total of confirmed cases of tuberculosis in 79 cases, 78 students have enrolled in the college entrance examination, apply for leave of absence procedures 1 person。 78 students have been back to school enrolled 59 students, four people were hospitalized, six people drop out treatment, eight people can not return to school back to school and one review。
  Since suffering from tuberculosis, 364 of the original class of Chen Xin (a pseudonym) has not been back to school, the family invited a tutor to help her private tuition。 Seeing entrance day draws near, a recent review of the college entrance examination left her dream cast a shadow。 "In early March to review when the doctor told me I have to eat at least a year drug, because empty lungs have not healed。
"Chen Xin said he did not know he could not pass a medical examination before the college entrance examination, even if passed, the next university entrance examination also made her very worried。
  Li Ching (a pseudonym) is a classmate Chen Xin, she is now back to school to study, but how much influence the physical condition or results。 And Chen Xin, she also continues to medication, "at least have to take medicine for two months, and lung scars, do not know will not affect the physical"。   Hunan Provincial Education Department agreed to defer examination in late February this year, Hunan Province issued the relevant provisions of the 2018 college entrance examination work, medical standards refer to "ordinary colleges and universities admissions examination guidance," the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, China Disabled Persons' Federation issued ( teaching [2003] No. 3)。
  Beijing Youth Daily reporter found the relevant provisions on TB in the above document。
Tuberculosis following exceptions may not be accepted: primary pulmonary tuberculosis, infiltrative tuberculosis induration stable; tuberculous pleurisy model has been cured or cured sequelae pleural hypertrophy。
All extrapulmonary tuberculosis (renal tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, peritoneal tuberculosis, etc.), after hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis cure without recurrence at least one year, after more than two hospitals (or tuberculosis control) no change specialist examination。
Lymph gland tuberculosis have asymptomatic clinical cure。
  In order to avoid suffering from tuberculosis because students will not affect college admission, Hunan Provincial Education Department has agreed to postpone the June 14 Zhong Taojiang four sick students to the examination time。   Hunan Provincial Education Department staff told reporters Beiqing Bao, the first time they verified the situation after learning of the outbreak of tuberculosis epidemic Taojiang four high school students, followed by a group of these students' college entrance examination deadline postponed from April 15 to 6 January 14。 Taojiang county government then issued a document called, "and strive to by more than two months of treatment, to the college entrance examination standards。 "Experts say the cure does not affect the high Mengqiu Institute of Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor tuberculosis two kinds of medical director told reporters in Beijing, the vast majority of TB patients after standard treatment can be completely cured, but depending on the condition, the treatment required time there will be differences: "for the first time the prevalence of major anti-TB drugs and sensitive groups, requires a minimum treatment period of six months; for retreatment of tuberculosis patients take eight to nine months; and MDR-TB cure general in about two years。
"There is not only the requirements of the college entrance examination in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis restrictions, the reporter found that China in 2013 introduced the" prevention and control management approach "clearly states tuberculosis, schools at all levels, faculty and school freshmen nurseries, food, medicine cosmetic practitioners, practitioners and other provisions "public places, health regulations," the groups are the focus of tuberculosis screening population。
  In this regard, high Meng Qiu explained, TB only to be found by chest X-ray examination of the project in general admissions or employment physical examination, and will not affect other indicators。
After cure the disease, TB is killed, leaving lesions if they are completely absorbed, do not see shadows on chest X-ray, it can not be learned whether volunteers has won tuberculosis。
If the disease is discovered late, not quite fully absorb it, although the latter completed treatment and sputum examination and other related checks were negative, but still be able to see traces tuberculosis suffered from a chest X-ray, such as fiber sclerosis lesions or calcifications。
  But high Mengqiu adds both cases call a cure, will not become an obstacle to personal and social studies admission employment, but had received norms need to provide proof of anti-TB treatment to the authorities, chest X-ray or CT findings of previous and sputum examination results。
  Text / reporter Zhang Xiong Yingqi month deceive。

  Barcelona star Pique Manchester United have had a brief career, recalled those years the Red Devils, Pique most fear figure was the Manchester United captain Roy – Keane。
Recently, Pique broke through ThePlayersTribune interesting year in the Manchester United dressing room。
  "I was in the first game at Old Trafford, when everyone's getting ready in the locker room, I was very nervous。
You can think about that scene, I was a 18-year-old child, sitting in the little locker room wearing socks around that Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs, Ferdinand, I really want to stealth up。 I thought, to do my own thing, do not interesting。 So we sat, and other coaches come in lecture。
My position in Roy – Keane side, the locker room is too small, as small as our legs almost met, and that there is no space。 "" Originally the dressing room is deathly quiet, and suddenly you hear the sound vibration of the phone, very slight, Roy began looking all over the house。
I realized that my phone rang, I tune into shock, in my pants pocket, then stuffed into a laundry bag, hung on the wall behind Keane。
Roy did not find the source of the noise, he began looking around like a madman the whole house, he wanted to find out who in the end is。 You remember – Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" from rushing out the door shot it?Keane was just like。 "Pique continued:" Keane roaring "to everyone who phones?"No answer。
He asked again。 Still no answer。 He asked a third time, "in the end who TMD phone?'Finally, I spoke like a child, very softly said,' I'm sorry, my。
"Roy lost your mind。 Him in front of everyone crazy, it was so incredible。
I also almost crazy。
But in general, Roy is a good man。 "" It is 2018, and everything is different, all the children will play phone before the game。 But in 2006, but a different world。 You can not do that, especially at Manchester United can not do that, especially not do that in Roy's locker room。 That is one of many mistakes I committed in Manchester in a。